21 Day Fix Week 2

21 Day Fix Week 2

This week started off with a little hiccup. We took our son to school on Monday morning only to have the teacher call less than a half hour after we dropped him off to say he was sick. So we picked him up and as soon as we got home, he lay down on the couch and fell asleep. He slept right through my morning workout. My workouts felt a little bit easier this time around. I can feel my muscles are getting stronger. There are times when my body still cannot handle every single rep but I try to keep going.

Monday went great even though my son was home sick. We kept him home on Tuesday since we all ended up going to bed late. Our son kept us up until 4:30am and when my alarm went off at 5am, I decided to keep him home. He would have been way too tired to go to school.

Since our son stayed home on Tuesday, I was able to get my workout in before he woke up. It is nice without the distraction, which is why I may adjust my weekend workouts. So far, my muscles are feeling less sore than Week 1.

I almost skipped Wednesday’s workout. I just wasn’t feeling that motivated. I was a bit sore but not too bad. I decided to pump myself up and just do it. I hate when I get that feeling of wanting to skip a workout. There are days when I feel lazy and when that happens, I try to adjust my thinking and remind myself why I am doing the 21 Day Fix workout.

21 Day Fix. Simple Eating. Simple Fitness. Fast Results.

Thursday and Friday’s workouts went fine. Thursday was Pilates Fix and you would think it would not be that tough but it is. I love pilates and the Pilates Fix is killer! I find every workout challenging, so that is helping me to push play every day.

Friday was Cardio Fix. I still struggle this workout and every other workout but it gives me something to work towards. Saturday was Dirty 30. Tough but fun! I love when workouts incorporate weights! I need to build my arm muscles.

I am proud of myself for sticking with this program. The only other time I have made it this far was when I first bought the program over a year ago. I have tried to start this program a few times since then and always felt dizzy or my vertigo would hit me quickly!

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