Getting A Good Nights Sleep

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Let’s be honest, raise your hand if you get that recommended eight to ten hours of sleep that doctors say you need daily? That’s what I thought. I am the mom of four kids ages almost eight to two. I’m pretty sure I haven’t slept a solid eight hours in at least that many years. So how do we go about getting a good nights sleep? What do we do when it’s not just yourself but your child who suffers from sleeplessness? Find out how our family is trying to combat and conquer a lack of sleep.

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Winter Reading For Your Little Ones

Winter Reading For Your Little Ones
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For your little ones, Winter is such a magical time of year. There is so much excitement packed into one season you can’t help but smile with them. I’ve come up with some great choices for some wonder Winter reading for your little ones. Read ahead to see my top choices.

I have four children myself. Their ages range from almost eight to two. I constantly am on the lookout for books that will pique their interest. Speaking of children I’m also the lead teacher at a local daycare for the one to two-year-olds, so I keep my eyes out for books that will work for my classroom too. When I found Clever Publishing I knew I’d found the perfect company to fit all my needs. Founded in 2010 their mission is ” to create a wonderful world of books and ideas for children and their parents. ”

Clever Publishing

Infant and Toddler Books

Board books are a great option for Winter reading for your little ones. These sturdy books are easy to grasp and turn the pages for tiny fingers. Arthur’s Holiday Adventure is a favorite here. My youngest loves that its shaped just like her new friend Arthur. You can join him on his adventure, just in time for Christmas. This is the perfect stocking stuffer!

Preschool and Early Learning.

Perfect for getting those tiny minds in gear, the Look and Find: The Holiday Season, is so much fun! With a whopping 989 items to find this book is sure to keep your little ones entertained for a while. Another favorite in our house is the super fun Happy Holidays, Pirates: Lift-the-flaps. With many giggles from my son as he helps Santa deliver to none other than those swashbuckling pirates! This book is a great way to make sure your keeping them engaged as they search beneath the flaps.

Look and Find


For those bigger kids, I have just the books that they are sure to love. Now with the Warm and Busy Activity Pads. With 40 activities in each pad, your child will have hours of fun no matter if it is the Wintertime or Holidays activity pad, it’s sure to be a favorite.

Winter reading for your little ones is so important. No matter from infant to big kid, Clever Publishing has so many amazing options for your child. It’s never to early to build the love of literacy. Which of these amazing books do you think will be a hit in your house? Be sure to check out their other amazing books and products that offer on Amazon.

Keep Your Family Healthier This Winter

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As a mom of four, I feel like someone is always battling some sort of cold. With the two oldest in school, and then the two youngest in preschool our house is constantly a petri dish of germs. Add into the mix that I work at a daycare teaching the one and two-year-olds, this mommy is constantly on the search for ways to keep our family healthier.

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Motherless Mothers Day: 10 Year Anniversary

Motherless Mothers Day_ 10 Year Anniversary
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Another Mothers day is coming soon. Mom this year will make 10 years since you’ve been gone. I miss you so much, and some days it seems like the pain will never end. They say that time heals all wounds but losing you is a cut that will never close. I want to take a little while mom and tell you what all you’ve missed this past 10 years.

A Beautiful Mother

You left us too soon.

Four months after you passed, I got married. You were so very happy about the wedding, and how I long for you to be there. We made sure to make you a special seat up front and had your picture in your spot. Momma, I had pawpaw walk me down the aisle. It was beautiful, Oh how I wish you were here.

Wedding Day

A little over a year after you passed we lost pawpaw. I’m sure you know that already because I’m sure the two of you are causing all kinds of trouble up there. I know when he left us, you are the one person he wanted to see first. Those are some of the last words he spoke to me before he passed was ” I’m ready to go see Sissy now.” So you two don’t get in too much trouble up there.

The Bonanno Children

Momma, did you know you have four amazing grand children? Our very first we of course named her Emmalee after you, even if we do spell it a little different. Oh and Miss Ansley, she acts and looks just like you. She test me at every turn but I wouldn’t trade her for anything. Now let’s talk about Salvatore, he would have been your favorite i’m sure. Those big blue eyes of his could melt the world. Finally baby Iris, I know you sent her to us. You knew I needed her before even I did. I wish you were here so much to enjoy them with me. I find myself wanting to call you constantly to ask you a question or tell you something funny they did.

Mom I know it was you that kept us alive in the car accident two years ago when we were hit by that drunk driver. There is no way that any of us should have survived but you were protecting us. I guess I still had things left here to do.

Mod Mademoiselle Flowers

The perfect flowers.

Every single day I miss you, mom. So for the 10th Anniversary of your death, I want to get you some really pretty flowers, and with Mothers Day right around the corner, I want you to be able to celebrate also in heaven.

My favorite place to order flowers from is Teleflora. I’ve gotten flowers from there before and they are always so beautiful. So I knew they would be the ideal place to find the perfect flowers for my mothers grave. I like the Mod Mademoiselle bouquet because I love all the beautiful white roses, set off by the soft pink baby roses. One of the great things about Teleflora is that the flowers are never delivered boxed like other places. The flowers are always fresh and beautiful. Before delivery, they even called to confirm someone would be there to get them. There is a great selection forever need and occasion. I’m sure any mother would be more than happy to receive one of their beautiful collections. To get one for your mom be sure to visit their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Grave Flowers

Never take those days you have with your mother for granted. You never know when might be the last time you hear her voice or see her smile. Don’t wait until memories are all you have left. From me to you, Happy Mothers Day.

Spring Fashion To Make Your Child Bloom

Spring Fashion To Make Your Child Bloom
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It’s finally here, Spring is in full force and I’m loving the warmer weather and longer days. I’m enjoying spending the evening outside with the kids while they are able to play outside until sunset on the swings. The crisp mornings giving way to plenty of sunshine and joy. I’m the mother of four little ones, three girls and one little boy who are my entire world. I constantly look for fun and new clothes to set them apart. I’ve found the perfect Spring fashion to make your child bloom!

Spring into fashion!

SOOJIN Clothing

With four little ones I look for shops or brands that I can get something for everyone all in one place. At SOOJIN I can shop from baby to big kid all in one place! A great selection for everyone in the family at great pricing, you will be sure to love this company as much as we do. I can’t wait to share some of our favorite outfits with you.

Hot Palms Topanga Tank Top
Paros Romper

When you think of Spring, what do you think of? Well, I think of color. I love bright colors, when I think of bright I think of happy and lots for giggles. Two of our favorite pieces are the Hot Palms Topanga Tank Top and the Paros Romper. These two items are sure to set your spring into bloom. The bright pinks and oranges are perfect for standing out in a crowd. I love how much coverage these pieces have because even though the days are getting warmer you need coverage to keep your little ones protected.

Spotty Leopard Taylor TBar Shoes

Another must for any clothing, most importantly for little ones is comfort. Ever have a child that has something that isn’t comfortable, It’s like the world is ending. The complaining and whining are pretty much like constant torture. So comfort is a must. The soft fabrics are perfect for little skin that is sensitive. The Spotty Leopard Taylor TBars Shoes are so soft and comfortable for any child. My youngest is 17 months and has just mastered walking. These shoes match any outfit and are always the shoes she brings me to put on her now.

I love the SOOJIN brand it’s the perfect fit for our family. I hope that you are going to enjoy their clothes as much as we do. For more information or to get your own SOOJIN clothing be sure to visit their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

What do you think your child will love most from SOOJIN clothing?

Keeping What Matters Most Safe

Keeping What Matters Most Safe
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These days keeping what matters most safe is one of the most important things you can do for your family. Keeping things like documents and personal information safe can be the matter in getting help when a crisis when time is of the utmost importance. This is something that my family has learned unfortunately the past several months.

Missing Person
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Safer Snacks For Allergy Sufferers

Safer Snacks For Allergy Sufferers
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I’m the mom of four little ones, my oldest Emmalee was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy at just 14 months old.  One of my worst fears had come true, because I knew it would now be an everyday battle to find safer snacks and food for her to eat. When she first began seeing an allergist it is very apparent that she has a massive amount of triggers for her allergies and now has tree nuts, and coconuts added to her food allergy list.

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3D Printing: Changing The Way We Print

3D Printing Changing The Way We Print
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Ask anyone and for the most part they can tell you something about 3D printing. Something growing up, I’d thought was only something for the extremely rich is now available at just the click of a mouse. 3D printing is changing the way we think about printing.

What exactly is 3D printing you ask? You are basically printing a 3D object. You enter your parameters into a computer, from there the printer prints layer by layer and BAM out comes your creation.  Obviously this is the simplified version but I wanted to keep it simple. You can create so many amazing things using this amazing technology.

A new type of jewelry.

Now that you know a little about what 3D printing is I want to share a really fun company with you that makes amazing 3D printed jewelry. Winter Hill Jewelry is located in Somerville, MA and is owned and ran by Vanessa. When I first saw these earrings I was instantly in love. I’d never seen anything quite like them before, so let me share them with you.

Left Studs
Winter Hill Leaf Stud

The first pair I received are the Leaf Studs. I love a good pair of stud earrings and these were no exception. I adore how vibrant the mint color is. The pop of color is sure to set any outfit off. I also like how dainty they are, I was afraid they were going to be very heavy but they are small and light on the ear. I am amazed by just how much detail you can see in the tiny leaves. They come in three colors mint, silver, and green. The studs are set in a hypoallergenic stainless steel setting.

Feather Earring
Winter Hill Feather Earring

The next set of earrings I received are the beautiful Feather Earrings. I love feathers, that’s actually my plan for my next tattoo. There’s just something about them that I love, so when I saw the earrings I fell in love with them. I’m not usually one for dangling earrings but these are perfect and go with any outfit. At 2.5 inches by 1 inch these feather earrings are the perfect statement piece. Available in 12 different colors, you will find one that is just perfect for your style.

Now what could be better about these 3D earrings you ask? How about that they are actually good for the environment. The packaging is 100% biodegradable, the actually 3D print is made from plant based plastic and unlike other jewelry is actually a recourse that is renewable. They look good and are good for the earth what more could you ask for! To find out more or get your own be sure to visit their Website, Etsy, Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Printing!

This Years Hottest Easter Items

This Years Hottest Easter Items


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As Easter is quickly approaching I thought it would be fun to put together a list of the hottest Easter ideas for your little ones. With that being said, our Children know the real reason that we celebrate Easter and that is always our main focus but who doesn’t love to see their little faces light up with joy to see what the “Easter Bunny” has brought them.

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Sharing My Easter Traditions With My Kids

Sharing My Easter Traditions with My Kids

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Growing up Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. Not for all the treats but for the time we got to always spend with family. For us, Easter was always about making the most of the time we had with family and celebrating the real reason for Easter. These are my reasons for sharing my Easter traditions with my kids.

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