Your words have an impact

Your words have an impact

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Earlier this week, I read a news article about an employee who lost her job due to what she posted on social media. Unfortunately, stories like this are not uncommon our digital age. Young adults who have grown up using social media need basic life lessons on what to post and what not to post and how it can impact them. Be careful what you say and how you say it as your words have an impact.

This story made me think of an incident my husband told me about. He was working at popular electronics store in their loss prevention/security department. He said he was in the break room and a young employee started making comments about children with Autism. While she was out and about, she saw a bus broken down on the side of the road and all the kids were out of the bus just wandering around (with their teachers) and then she proceeded to imitate how the kids talked/sounded. I am sure you can imagine…

There were a few other employees in there and they all exchanged looks. How could she be making such comments? Does she know her audience? My husband and I have a child with Autism. Who knows if anyone else in that room had a friend, cousin, brother or sister with Autism/special needs? My husband did say that nobody else in the room was laughing. He said his fellow co-workers were just in shock at her comments.

I was hurt and offended by what this person said. He said he didn’t confront her or say anything. I am pretty sure I would have said something to her. I may have said, “I have a son with Autism” and hope that would have stopped her in her tracks.

Would you have spoken up?


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