Workout While You Work At Your Desk

We tried a fun and portable elliptical to use at our desk. It allows us to workout while you work at your desk! There is always time for fitness. How fun is that? Find out if it works!

Cubii Jr.
Cubii Jr.
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The Cubii Jr. is an ergonomic elliptical that is compact enough for you to use under your desk, but still provides a great low-impact workout. I know what you’re thinking, working and working out at the same time, how can I do that? That’s what I thought at first too. Before I received the product, my thoughts were that I could never do both at once because of concentration and it just didn’t seem possible to get a good work out while sitting.

Once I received my Cubii Jr. and tried it for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised! First it is compact, so it can fit under your desk or in front of your couch if you want to work out and watch TV. Like most ellipticals, you can adjust the incline and resistance on the Cubii Jr. so that you achieve the perfect workout.

Does It Really Work

Cubii Jr. - In Use
Cubii Jr. – In Use

So, the biggest question here for me was can I really workout and have it be effective while I am sitting on my bottom all day. I assure you, with Cubii Jr., you can! I was surprised at how much of a workout I felt like I had achieved after sitting and pedaling away on the Cubii Jr. for about an hour. I also really loved that if I had a crazy schedule that day, I could work out while working at my desk, or while vegging out on the couch. That way, I still got everything I need to taken care that day, but also still got a bit of a workout.

Cubii Jr. Features

Cubii Jr. - Digital Display
Digital Display

Besides being super convenient and compact, there is also the ability to adjust between eight levels of resistance and provides a nice, smooth glide. I also really loved that it was super easy to assemble, only four screws and you are ready to go. It also comes with an easy to read digital display that helps you track calories, RPM, Strides, and distance in real time.

Which One is Right for You

Cubii Jr. - Workout Anywhere You Sit
Workout Anywhere You Sit

Cubii does make three different versions of their compact ellipticals: they offer the Jr., Pro, and Elite models. The biggest difference is that the Pro and Elite versions are Bluetooth-enabled, and the Elite comes in a woodgrain finish. Depending on which version you like, the coast can be anywhere from $249 for the Jr. up to $399 for the Elite with the Pro falling in-between the two price ranges.

For more information or to purchase your Cubii visit their website.

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