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I’ll be the first to admit that it takes a lot for me to switch out my phone case. I buy one phone, and no other phone accessories, and I keep it until it breaks. I picked up a Kate Spade at MACY’s for less than $5 four years ago and I loved it. But, I’m the biggest klutz and I drop everything… including my cell phone.

When I had the opportunity to test out a new custom wood phone case, I jumped at the chance. Lucky for me, my Kate Spade phone case was on its last leg and I really needed to replace it if I wanted to hold onto my phone a little longer. Note to self, and anyone like me, replacing your phone case is going to help make your phone last longer. For me, this is important since I can’t afford the new iPhone upgrade.

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Tmbrs Custom Wood Phone Case Details

Tmbr offers a large variety of custom wood phone cases for your iPhone, and Samsung Galaxy. While browsing through the selection, I had a hard time choosing which case to get because I liked so many of them. I have the iPhone SE so the options were slightly more limited than the newest iPhones. I chose the Walnut wood phone case, though I really love Cherry. Since I couldn’t actually touch and feel the wood phone cases, I had to rely on the customer reviews to see if this was a product I wanted to get and review. Whether products are sent to me or not, I always read the reviews.

Tmbr. Wood Phone Case

Tmbr. Wood Phone Case interior view

The phone case slides in quickly and easily, but stays secure. I’ve already dropped my phone a couple of times and there’s no damage to the wood phone case. The design itself is so nice and sleek, and I love that I’m not overwhelmed by what’s going on design-wise with my phone case.

Choose An Affordable Custom Wood Phone Case

Overall, I’m so happy with the Tmbrs wood phone case. To get a quality phone case at $12 is pretty amazing. Most cases I’ve seen start at around $30, so you’re saving a decent amount of money here. With Christmas right around the corner, these affordable wood phone cases would make amazing Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers for friends and family.

What phone cause is currently on your phone? Do you own more than one, or are you like me and just use one until you can’t use it anymore. Let us know in the comments below!

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