Why I Switched to Self-Hosted WordPress

Why I Switched to Self-Hosted WordPress

I’ve been blogging for over 13 years now. During the first 8 years, I was only blogging for fun. Blogging was my way to share my life with my family. Over the years, I started a few blogs to share freebies, making money online and more! When I started Beauty Brite, I quickly learned that I should switch to WordPress. Of course, I put it off because I was scared. I was already used to using blogger. I was scared of the learning curve involved with wordpress.

So what convinced me to make the switch?  I wanted to protect my work.

When you are using a free blog, you are at the mercy of someone else. I didn’t want to risk losing my blog without notice, which has happened to me before. When blogger is down, there is no support number to call. When you are self-hosted, you can call your host for help.

Looking back, I wish I had started Beauty Brite on self-hosted wordpress at the start. Of course, at the time, I didn’t know what I know now about blogging.

Here are 4 reasons to switch to WordPress:

1. Full ownership of your blog
2. Plugins do the work for you and make your life easier
3. Freedom to customize your blog
4. Build trust with your readers, visitors, fans

When I started Shefluential, I knew I wanted to switch to wordpress as soon as possible. I prefer using wordpress. When I was using blogger, there are very limited changes that I can make. I also found I had to do more work just to promote my posts.

I am so happy to report that only days after starting Shefluential on blogger, I made the switch to wordpress yesterday!  I am so excited for this new journey, in addition to Beauty Brite!

WordPress allows me more freedom with my own blog. My blog is my business and I don’t want to risk downtime or my hard work.

I love blogging and I need to protect my writing and pictures. Plus, with wordpress, I can make my blog work for me.


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