What’s Your Resolutions Update?

What’s Your Resolutions Update?

Can you believe we are halfway through January? How are you doing with your resolutions?

As for me, I think I am doing pretty good. I am doing my best to stay motivated with using my treadmill. I took a little break this past weekend. Once my son goes back to school, I will jump back into it. Last week, he was sick on Friday, so we’re currently in the middle of a five day weekend! His school has today and tomorrow off from school. He was sick on Friday. Since he is sick, I have the diffuser going with a few of my favorite essentials oils that are best for illness, wellness and health.

The weather is so cold. I am so thankful for our space heaters! For instance, yesterday it snowed and the space heaters helped keep us warm. Today is just cold! The weather forecast predicts it will reach 32 degrees! It is so cold in the front part of our apartment (the living room and kitchen area). Since we are staying in bed today, I have the space heater on in the bedroom. I am glad I chose to get two space heaters because my husband and I are not always in the same part of the apartment.

I am staying busy with both blogs. Beauty Brite is really taking off! I am excited for the upcoming reviews I have planned. This week, we are expecting a new mattress to review! I have a few other reviews I am very excited about including a hair dryer and new makeup!

I have a personal blog that I have not updated in years and considering transferring the posts to Shefluential or even Beauty Brite. Otherwise, I could keep the blog where it is. I know of other bloggers that have transferred their personal blog to their current blog.

What should I do?


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