Warm Weather Approved Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

Warm Weather Approved Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich
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Springtime is “officially” here!  Well, in some areas.  I have seen some of my friends post pictures of snow!

Vanilla bean halo top ice cream

What do you think of when you hear Halo Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich?

I think of the indulgence, decadence, and smoothness when I think of ice cream. I do not ever think of it being packed with protein or being only 60 to 70 calories per a serving!  That is just crazy thinking!

Well, the times of having high-calorie ice treat and with no protein are a thing of the past. The Halo Top Creamery is a brand that offers 100% natural, low calorie, low sugar, and high protein ice cream.

Waffle cookie Halo Top Ice cream

My son, Josiah has loved ice cream sandwiches ever since he was a young toddler.  As an after dinner treat, I wanted to make him something special; a treat that is semi-homemade, a Halo-Top Creamery Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich!

These delicious waffle ice cream sandwiches are made with Halo Top Ice Cream and store bought waffle thin cookies. Be warned: once you take a bite out of the waffle cookie, you may not be able to stop eating them!

I started off by making sure that the ice cream is very firm and not melting. I used a small melon scoop to scoop out the ice cream from the container, using a minimum of three small melon ball scoops of ice cream per cookie sandwich. I placed the scoops of ice cream on a metal pan that went back into the freezer to get firm again. While I waited for the ice cream to get firm, I got the cookies set out and ready to assemble. Once the ice cream was hard again, I placed three ice cream balls on a cookie waffle and topped with another waffle cookie. (If the ice cream does not squish down right away then wait a few moments and the ice cream will start to melt a little bit.) You do not want to squish down too hard because it will break the cookie. Once you have created the sandwich you can serve them or you can put them back in the freezer to keep them from melting.

Halo Top Creamery makes seven different flavors of creamery ice cream. Two of those varieties have 280 calories in the whole pint while the others contain 270 calories per pint.

Waffle halo top ice cream eating

Josiah had so much fun eating his strawberry ice cream waffle sandwich. The next thing that I would like to make is an ice cream cake with the Halo ice cream. You can find out all about it and where you can get your very own pint of Halo ice cream by heading over to their website.

You can also find Halo Ice Cream on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.


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