Treat Yourself to Something New

Treat Yourself to Something New

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As the mom of four little ones under six and under I’m bad about not taking the time to do things for myself, or I don’t always put myself first. I’ve decided that lately, I needed to take time to change that because as a parent I’m important too.

How can I make sure to treat myself?

I first decided to find a way to improve my look. I didn’t want something that is going to take a lot of time because we all know you don’t have a lot of extra time with small kids running around. So I decided I wanted to find a way to do my hair different. I’d been on the lookout for a curling tool for a while but when I’d used curling irons in the past it always took forever to do, and never stayed in place. So when I was given the opportunity to try Andis Curling Wand I was honestly a bit skeptical because nothing else really works.

Andis Curling Wand

I was beyond shocked by how good this curling wand worked, and it took me hardly any time at all. Usually, it takes upward of an hour to curl my hair and I was done within 15 minutes. The high heat wand is ceramic and eliminates frizz. It also has an automatic shut off just in case you forget to unplug it. ( mommy brain is real )  These curls actually last and they don’t fall out halfway through the day like other irons I’ve found. This is most definitely a treat for my quick everyday pick me up.  It’s funny how something just as simple as taking the time to do something for yourself and taking that extra time to focus on yourself boost your mood.

Another fun and tasty way to treat yourself is with the new Lovely brand candies. These candies are all GMO free, have no artificial colors or colors, and are all gluten-free. I actually don’t feel bad about sharing these sweet treats with my family. From the Honey Gummie Bears to the Lovely Organic Lollipops there is most assuredly a treat for everyone. My kids sure love the Gummie Bears and they come in a small serving size that kicks that sweet tooth to the curb. I don’t have to worry about my kids getting all kinds of gross chemicals and preservatives in their yummy treat because Lovely only uses the very best ingredients. These snacks are perfect for the diaper bag or just to throw in your bad. Lovely’s candy really is a great treat for all ages!

Honey Gummie Bears

Lovely Organic Chews

Don’t forget to take time every day to treat yourself, because you are important too.

What are some things you do to treat yourself every day?


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