Traveling with Family

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My husband and I have always loved to travel.  We met while working at a hotel.  While we were dating, we stayed at hotels at least twice a month.  We have traveled to San Francisco, Disneyland, Las Vegas, and Reno.  Now that we have our son, we still love to travel.  Now, we pick family friendly places to visit.  Since we became a family, we have traveled to Disney World and Myrtle Beach.

The location and amenities of the hotel are so important to us when choosing a place to stay.  For instance, if we plan on going to Disney World, we have a favorite place to stay because it has a kitchen and washer and dryer.  The property also has a playground, pool and other amenities that we may need.  The hotel is near shopping and restaurants as well.


The hotel accommodations are always the first thing we book before we leave.  Once I know where we are staying, I can focus on saving money while we are traveling.  I like to bring extra supplies for the ride and the stay in the hotel itself.

Thankfully, our son loves riding in the car, but he can get bored.  I bring plenty of snacks and toys to keep him occupied.  Once we get settled in the hotel, we like to stock our hotel with food and drinks, depending on the length of our visit.

How do you prepare for travel with the family?  What do you pack for the kids in the car?  How do you save money while traveling?

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  1. That’s great to get to travel often. My husband and I love to travel too and we also book the hotel first according to what we will be doing. We don’t travel with kids anymore but when we did we always brought travel versions of their favorite games or movies for them to watch.
    Diana S

  2. I always plan my travel first then my hotel. Once I know how much it is to get there then I know what I can spend on accommodations. Then I know what I can spend on extracurricular activities. We love to travel and wish we got to do it more. But since my son is in school we are limited to school breaks.

  3. I both love to travel and hate it. Traveling with three kids can be so exhausting.

  4. I love to travel and stay at hotels. The pictures of the hotel you show look really beautiful!

  5. Debbie McMullen says

    we always are sure to pack a cooler full of stuff and get a room with a fridge to save $$ on food – restaurants are such a huge expense!

  6. We have a cooler with cheese, some yogurt to go, plenty of water, and we always bring some crackers. They keep themselves entertained reading or playing electronics. I love family vacations!! It is smart to get a hotel with a kitchen… for some reason, I have never thought of that!

  7. Nicole Pafford says

    We really don’t travel due to hectic work schedules but I am trying to plan a vacation for late summer. I think I would pack plenty of snacks and toys and probably a dvd player to keep the kids happy!

  8. We always have a cooler full of goodies and plenty of toys and coloring books to keep our son busy, our girls are texting nuts so they are pretty much the typical docile teenage creature

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