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Train Duffle Bag

Not only does Posy Lane, Inc offer personalized shower wraps, they also have iPhone cases, children’s plates, nap mats, backpacks, and more!

As I was browsing Posy Lane, Inc website, I knew I wanted a personalized kids duffle bag for my son.  Our family loves to travel, so a duffle bag would come in handy.  I also like to pack a little bag whenever we go somewhere.  I always like to have toys, snacks, and other goodies that we may need while out running errands.

I knew right away which duffle bag my son would love.  I chose a red duffle bag with a train on it.  My son loves the color red!  He also knows how to make train noises.  The bag arrived just before he arrived home from school one afternoon.  The duffle bag is well made, soft, durable and just plain cute!  I waited at the bus stop for him and I had it in my hands for him to see.  I handed it to him and he just loved it.  He loves his bag so much that he wanted to take it to school the next morning!

Not only is the personalized kids duffle bag cute, my son loves it, and it has his name on it.  This is the first personalized item we have for our son!  I just adore it.

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or you love personalized stuff, you will love Posy Lane, Inc.

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  1. Kathy Smith says:

    These little duffle bags are so cute. I liked the dinosaur bag. Would love to have one for my grandson. Thanks for review.

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