There’s A Party In My Pocket And It Is Boomin’!

There's A Party In My Pocket And It Is Boomin'!
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There’s A Party In My Pocket And It Is Boomin’! If you’re looking for a fun gadget to gift you’re favorite person this holiday season, Pocket Party (from creator, 7×24 Technologies, Inc.) is it! Wrap it up and put it under the tree or stuff it in the lucky recipient’s Christmas stocking and you will instantly be their favorite person in the whole, wide world!

Make sure you peruse the User’s Manual before enjoying the boomin’ bass and the wondrous musically synchronized light show so that you know all the fantastic things this this bluetooth mini-speaker can do. Trust me, it’s short and sweet and includes illutrations to make setting up and using this portable powerhouse a breeze.


  • Only 1-1/4″ height to fit in jeans pocket
  • Expandable for big sound (cutting edge X–Bass technology)
  • Suction cup for versatile use
  • Vibration mode to turn a surface into a subwoofer
  • Drop-proof, splash-proof and dirt-proof
  • Can be used as a stand for phones and tablets
  • Adjustable to different sizes and shapes
  • Smart light show
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Make hands-free conference calls
  • Web-based app can be used to control the unit, if desired (iOS and Android compatible)
  • Li-Polymer rechargeable battery, charged via micro-USB port (charging time is about 2 hours)

Pocket Party SpeakerHere it is in the original packaging. All components shown in the top picture are tucked underneath the white plastic insert that cradles the Pocket Party unit.

extended and tiltedHere it is shown with the chamber expanded and tilted slightly. The suction cup (when applied per the directions in the user’s manual) offers a secure stabilization of the speaker to any flat surface. It can also be suctioned to a phone or tablet and used as a stand for these devices.

The bluetooth connection can be used to play music or to make a hands-free conference call (just press the bluetooth button briefly to answer the call).

The Pocket Party Speaker comes in four fun colors: Blue, Green, Grey or Pink.

A karabiner and bike-mount strap are included to enhance portability. Strap it to your bike, hang from a tree branch, attach it to your backpack or tote bag, suction it to a cooler, on a poolside surface or in the shower…there are many ways to take this speaker with you wherever you want to go! (Note: It is not water-proof, however, and should not be submerged in water)
lit blue-green-2
Check out my video of the Pocket Party jammin’ to “Whistle (While You Work It) by Katy Tiz.


You can even use an empty pizza box to create an instant subwoofer for your Pocket Party speaker using the unit’s Vibration Mode — when the speaker is placed on a large surface, it can drive the surface to produce more bass. A box with a thin surface has the best effects. You can experience with different surfaces, like card board boxes, pizza box, glass window, cabinet, cooler, hard suit case. Adjust the speaker to half-way expanded for vibration mode. It produces the strongest vibration in this way.
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Disclaimer: I received one Pocket Party Speaker (pictured above) for free to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.



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  1. I so need one of these, my kids would love it, so would I lol

  2. Wendy Pence says:

    It is really cool! I gave it to my 16 yr old son for Christmas and he is loving it! I can’t wait till these go out on the market, I’d love to get one for myself and my two daughters, as well!

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