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Last Thursday, our power went out due to a strong storm.  It was raining, windy, thunder and lightning.  The wind was so strong that it knocked down tree limbs.  Our power was out for a few hours.

Since the power was out, our internet and phone was out.  Our phone service is through MagicJack, which means our phone service goes out when the electricity goes out.  Thankfully, we still get our messages as they are emailed to us.

Just after our electricity went out, my husband said we have a message!  I did not think anything of it.  A few hours after our electricity came back on, my husband checked the message and it turns out, it was for me!

It was for a position I applied for back in March and interviewed for in May.  I was going to call them back on Friday morning but he called me first thing!  He wanted to know if I was still interested in the position and to let me know that it has changed a bit due to Obama’s healthcare program.  He also asked for three personal references, which I was able to gather and email to him.

This call was unexpected to because I was told that they would hire for the position about a week after the interview.  Since I never received a call, I assumed I didn’t get the job.  It is uplifting to know that I am still being considered for the position.

Even when I interviewed for the job, my husband and I thought that this would be really great for our family.  Now that it seems I am still in the running, we are talking about it again.  His job is part time.  Lately, they have been calling him in to work almost every day.  His work schedule is flexible and my potential work schedule is the standard 8 am to 5 pm, with a little wiggle room of staying over here and there.  The work schedule would work out to where my husband could focus on law school while my son is at school and I am at work.

I am getting ahead of myself with my excitement.  I know there are other candidates, but it is fun to dream!


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  1. Christy Cummins says:

    Congratulations! It is tough looking for a job and some companies just move more slowly than others. I am being laid off sometime in the near future (between July 1 and October 31) so I feel for you and will be going through a similar situation. I hope you get it!

    • beautybrite says:


      I am so sorry to hear that. I wish you the best of luck with whatever direction you take! My husband has been laid off too many times in the past. Thankfully, he has a job that he enjoys…no sign of layoffs though! 🙂

  2. Maria Iemma says:

    Congratulations – wishing you the best with the job – may your family be blessed

  3. Rachel Simons says:

    Got my fingers crossed for you hun, good luck x

  4. randyfulgham says:


  5. Carissa Whaatt says:

    Awesome! I hope you get it. You have to love the unexpected phone calls, and it’s probably a good thing, considering it’s been a while since you had the interview 😀

  6. Rachel N says:

    That is exciting! It’s always such a good feeling when you get chosen:)

  7. desithebonde says:

    hope you get the job and sound like you really like to have it

  8. Brittany Nicole says:

    It’s always an exciting feeling getting a cal back on a good opportunity. I hope you got the job!

  9. Arlene M Whitfield says:

    Fingers crossed for you!!

  10. Sherry Compton says:

    Stay excited and think positive. We are all rooting for you. It’s good to know how highly they thought of you. A good phone call surprise, and I hope you celebrate your strengths.

  11. Gina Demaree McKee says:

    My husband is looking for a new job and is in a similar waiting period. It’s so hard to be kept in suspense!

  12. Oh well I hope by now you’ve gotten good news! Good luck!


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