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You can be sure this holiday season that our children will be asking for the latest and greatest holiday toys. My 5-year-old has already asked for a tablet, computer, and cell phone (yeah right, not happening, buddy!)

 This year my husband and I have tried to be inspired by the beauty of simplicity. As a kid, I loved receiving books as gifts from my parents and grandparents each Christmas. Over the years, I accumulated a nice little “library” on my book shelf; each night my parents would take turns reading me one of those great books from my shelf.
For Christmas, we’re starting a library for our son. He is an avid reader and loves to read whatever he can get his hands on (including carry-out menus and grocery store flyers.) I’ve already been squirreling away a special stack of books that he’ll receive as presents this holiday.
One of the books I know he’s really going to love is Puppa-na-Wuppana by Cindy Koebele and Lori Weaver! Puppa-na-Wuppana is about a very special Beagle with a magical nose and a sweet kitty for a best friend! Throughout the story, he has quite a few hilarious little misadventures with his brand new family. This sweet little pup enjoys roughhousing with the family’s cat, chewing on Momma’s high heels, and loves strutting around the neighborhood during his walks. Puppa-na-Wuppana is fabulous and he knows it! The story is full of spunk with plenty of laughs for everyone! Kids will love that the story is told from the perspective of this sweet little doggy.
If you’re looking for a unique present for the little dog lover in your life, this is it! Reading Puppa-na-Wuppana will help inspire literacy and language with your child. It can also be a great opportunity to bond and read together, creating life long memories.
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