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"Jenny on the job - Home was never like t...

“Jenny on the job – Home was never like this – Let’s keep our restrooms clean” – NARA – 514677 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel like the new kid on the block.  After being a stay at home mom off and on for over 7 years, I feel like the new kid on the block going back to work full time and it makes me nervous.  I am really looking forward to the opportunity and the position itself.  I have been trying for years to get a job with the government.

Being the new hire at any job is nerve wracking.  You have to adapt and learn office politics.  I do not plan on being too personal with my co-workers at first.  I need to know who I can really trust and who I cannot.  I do not want to say the wrong thing around the office tattle tell or the office gossip!  I am not sure how much to share about my personal life and family life.

When I start a new job, I normally go in with an open mind.  I learn as much as I can about the job, the people and the environment that I will have to adapt to.  How do you start a new job?

I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life.  I realize I will not have much time for blogging.  I will have to adjust my routine to find time for blogging and my workouts!  Yesterday, I started another round of a mixed martial arts workout program called Les Mills Combat.  This morning, I woke up so sore!

This week, I need to work on updating my wardrobe for work.  While I love clothes shopping, I will have to build my wardrobe little by little.  I hope to get at least a week’s worth of new tops and pants so that I can mix and match them.  I already have some pants, but I should get a few new pairs.

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  1. Congrats on your new job. It is great to have an excuse for some new clothes.

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