The Compact Solution To Charging Your Smartphone

The Compact Solution To Charging Your Smartphone

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It was time for me to upgrade my smartphone. I had the Samsung S5 and I was ready to upgrade to the S7! I wanted the option of wireless charging, water resistant protection, high quality camera and more. As a blogger, I admired the camera features! I use my phone to take pictures for my blog, editing, social media and more!

Meet the Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Station!

Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Station

The idea of wireless charging is perfect for me because I go through so many USB cords! Either I wear out the cord because I am always charging my phone during the day or I drop my phone while it is charging and I bend the cord or the metal thing and it stops working. As you can imagine, I am so excited to upgrade to a phone that I can charge wirelessly! I now have two ways to charge my phone: USB or the wireless charger.

The Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Station comes with the charging plate and USB cord. The instructions are easy to read, all you need is a USB wall charger. Just plug in the USB cord to the wall charger and the cord into the charging station. Once it is all plugged in, you will see a small red light and it is ready to charge. Place your phone on the charging station and a blue light will come on!

You can also plug the USB into your computer or laptop and charge your phone at your desk as you are working. This is perfect when you are traveling. Imagine staying at a hotel and having to work at the desk. You can set up your laptop and charge your phone at the same time.

Ready to charge your phone? Just place your phone in the center of the charging station!

Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Station Size

I am amazed at the compact size of the Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Station! As you can see, the charger fits in the palm of your hand! Also, I love that I can charge my phone with the case on! No need to worry about removing the case just to charge the phone.

Since I check my phone throughout the day, I use the Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Station at night when I am sleeping. The charging station charges my phone fast too. I am very impressed at the quality of the product and the charging power of this little device.

With the compact design, the Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Station is no bigger than my smartphone. That means, the charging station does not take up too much room on my nightstand.

I love my new phone and my new charging station. I am so thrilled I can charge my phone so efficiently without wires attached.

You can purchase the Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Station on Amazon.


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