The Allergic Reaction

I was originally going to use a personal picture of my son with his eyes still puffy from his allergic reaction. However after careful consideration, I decided to use the photo below.  The child below is not my son.  His puffy eyes are similar to what my son was experiencing.  Although, my son was able to see.

English: Allergic angioedema. Note that this c...

Note that this child is unable to open his eyes due to swelling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever had an allergic reaction to something you ate or even to an animal?  I am allergic to cats and have had a few reactions!  As soon as I was an adult, I was on my own and had to take care of my own health.  I no longer take allergy shots, so I now depend on over the counter medicine when needed.

I use an over the counter allergy medicine when I know someone has cats.  When we lived with my in-laws, I used medicine.  During the time we lived with my in-laws, our son never showed symptoms of being allergic to the cat.  Honestly, I was thankful that he was not allergic to cats.  So far, he does not have any allergies.

Yesterday, we went to visit my in-laws, who recently moved a few doors down from us.  My son is enamored with their cat.  He loves hiding under the bed with her and trying to feed her and give her water.  He will take both of her bowls of water and food and nudge them towards her.  While we were there visiting, our son spent the entire time with the cat.  He also took over her bed.

I am beginning to think he misses having a pet.  I would love for us to have a dog again, however, I know that we cannot afford to have one nor would we have the time to devote to a pet.

By the time he emerged from under the bed, he was rubbing his eyes.  I could tell they were irritated and he was having the same symptoms I experience when I am around cats.  He is allergic to the cat!  My husband was in denial and thinks he may have gotten a few cat hairs in his eyes.  About 20 minutes after we left, his eyes were puffy and he would not stop rubbing his eyes.  We gave him a bath and my husband and I changed clothes.  I am allergic to cat dander, so I wanted to get the clothes removed so that it is out of the way.

About an hour and a half after his bath, he started feeling better and his swelling was going down.  As long as my son is happy, I am happy.


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  1. Maria Iemma says:

    How scary it must have been for you. My oldest son was allergic to orange and he had a similar reaction –

  2. rudemom75 says:

    oh my, I went through this with my son Denver…he had an allergic reaction to medicine he was on for ADHD, but the odd thing was he had been taking it for 3 years and when he started puberty the allergy struck

  3. Rachel N says:

    Poor thing! My Dad is allergic to cats, he starts sneezing and cannot stop as soon as he enters an area that has a cat. I have not experienced something like this before but I once got a spider bite on the corner of my eye and the whole eye was swollen shut. It luckily cleared with some Benadryl for me.

  4. Tamara Bennett says:

    i had an allergic reaction to those little tubes of honey once but never again. it was very strange!

  5. Ashley Morrow says:

    When I was younger I was allergic to orange juice, my skin would get really itchy and I would breakout in hives.

  6. anelson1974 says:

    I have that exact same reaction to cats. I don’t even have to touch a single thing in the house where a cat lives, just the airborne dander makes my eyes swell shut 🙁

  7. Amy Snell says:

    I have the same problem with cats…and grass….its awful and my son is following in my footsteps 🙁

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