Tasty Organic Snacks Your Baby Will Love

Tasty Organic Snacks Your Baby Will Love

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Who hates carrying those little jars of baby food around? *Raises hand* I know I sure do. I have enough stuff weighing down my diaper bag without the added weight of those pesky jars. Amara Organic Baby Food is a really good on-the-go option to have healthy food on hand without the weight that commercial jarred baby foods can add to an already weighty diaper bag.

Have you ever seen baby food that you have to just add breast milk, formula, or water to and mix? When opened, these pouches of baby foods are a powder, just add your choice of liquid for your little one, and mix in a bowl. Simple, easy and healthy. Amara baby food products are organic, Non GMO, Gluten Free, No Additives, Salt, or Added Sugar, It’s the trifecta of baby food!

Amara Organic Baby Food

I recently tried five different flavors of Amara Organic Baby Food. I was a little worried at first because I’ve never seen a product like this, but it’s so neat and so easy to make. Takes no time at all to get your baby’s meal ready to feed them.

What I liked best was the fact that its organic and has no fillers! Nothing but organic fruits and veggies and it’s USDA organic. Amara uses a unique drying process that retains 95% of important nutrients of the fruits and vegetable blends in their products. This is very healthy and seriously impressive!

I’m always looking for the best foods to keep my little ones healthy. As a matter of fact, Amara was ranked the Best Baby Food in Value & Formulation Data April 2015 by Abesmarket.

Amara Organic Babyfood Nutrition

They offer five different flavors right now. For ages 6 months and up you can choose from their Banana, Tropical Mango, and Kale Potato Mash flavors. For ages 7 months and up they additionally offer Apple-Maqui Berry, and for 8 months and up they offer Oats and Berries.

If we are going to start eating right, we have to start with our youngest foodies – our babies. At Amara we use the best technology to keep those nutrients and vitamins intact just like mom would at home. Instead of heat we use pressure and cold. Our technique locks in those original nutrients and vitamins in the fruits and veggies unlike any other jar or pouch – It’s a difference you can taste. Amara – the closest thing to homemade, anytime, anywhere. —– Amara Website.

My son’s favorite was the Banana, though he also really enjoyed the Tropical Mango. He loved the taste and was definitely wanting more when the bowl was empty. I experienced great satisfaction knowing that I was providing a tasty, yet still healthy, snack option for my little guy.

Eating Amara baby food

Each packet is a single-serving of delicious, healthy food. Great for on-the-go and so easy to prepare. I like the no-mess factor of it being a dried food product because I no longer have to worry about the lids coming off jars of baby food and making a big mess in the diaper bag. I’m very much looking forward to what new flavors Amara brings out in the future.

How can you get yours? Be sure to check Amara’s website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to find out when new products are revealed. You can purchase Amara products on Amazon.  If you do, definitely come back and share your experience here with all of us in the comments!





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