Take Him on a Voyage

Take Him on a Voyage

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What woman can resist a great smelling man?  To have his scent taking him and you on a voyage.

I’m going to tell you of three recent colognes that we have.

The first one that I’ll introduce is Nautica Voyage Sport for Him. The Nautica brand has been around for years and while I have enjoyed many of their fragrances, this cool summer scent is great for all males.

They say fragrances can trigger memories.  The Nautica Voyage Sport does just that in reminding me of the beach.  The fresh clean scent that is left on the skin all day long is one that you can not miss.

While this is a light fresh scent, it does last eight hours or more when you put it on.  With this being a light cologne, you do not get that strong alcohol scent if you use more than one spray.  I think that it just makes the scent linger all day.  With the cologne mingling with their body chemistry it creates a one of a kind aroma for them.

Take Him On A Voyage Nautica Voyage Sport

The design of the bottle has a beautiful sail looking design.  The silver cap top really ties the whole design together to make this experience an oasis of pleasure.

Josiah has been wearing the Nautica Voyage Sport for a few weeks now and he is feeling like a big kid when he wears it.  Nathan wears cologne and now he does too, making him feel special and that they have this bond that they can share.

The scent is not very overpowering at all and lingers throughout the day. Making him smell pretty and he starts blushing when someone tells him that he smells pretty.

The top notes of the cologne are green leaves and apples.  The middle notes are mimose and lotus. Then finally, the base notes are amber, musk, oakmoss, and cedar.  Those are the notes that make up the foundation of the fragrance.  I love the top notes and the cedar. They come out so clearly to me in the fragrance and that is what makes me think the beach to me.

Carthusia Mediterranean corallium

While we take our adventures in the male colognes, the next one that we are going to take is to France.

I have always heard that French fragrances are so dreamy and that they are always stronger since they do not dilute the fragrance down at all.  Oh, how that is the is the truth.  We had received two different colognes from Carthusia.  While they are both created in Italy, they both have two different fragrances notes that are wonderful and strong.

The first fragrance that I am going to tell you about is the Carthusia Mediterraneo.

Dedicated to the cradle of the great civilizations of Europe, Africa and Asia, Mediterraneo is a sunny fragrance, ample and original, which blends the classic sharp freshness of lemon leaves with the young, sparkling notes of green tea.

When you first open the bottle you get the nice hint of the lemon leaves that gives off a refreshing smell.  With me first smelling it, I think that it would be a great for spring. However, the more that I smell it, it also reminds me of the winter for a few reasons.  The first reason is that the Mediterraneo fragrance is a light clean scent that will perk up your mood when you just want to snuggle up with a book and a blanket.  The second reason is that if you use it in a really warm or hot month, it will just amplify the lemon scent and would just be too strong of a scent to wear.  I think that if you lightly apply the fragrance in the warm months, that you would be okay.  This fragrance can be worn either on a man or woman, but my preference would be on a man.

The second fragrance of the Carthusia collection that I am going to tell you about is the Carthusia Corallium.

A fragrance of rare intensity and sensuousness with inklings of fragrant wood, aromatic herbs, and fruit and flowers seasoned by the sea air. Corallium a refreshing essence born of the sea, made to enchant.

Now, this reminds me of a male fragrance with the base notes being Amber and Musk.  These are the types of notes that I like Nathan wearing, since I like them so much.  The middle notes are woods and the top notes are a refreshing scent.  I can see him wearing it any time of the year and the warmer months will just make those notes shine even brighter.

The Carthusia fragrances are the types that you dont want to drench yourselves in or it will be too overpowering.  This is something that I had to remind the boys of since so many fragrances that they have are diluted down.

So whether you are voyaging over seas or staying state-side, take your mind on a fragrance adventure.

When it comes to men, what spring/summer colognes do you reach for?



  1. mmmm they look like they smell amazing !

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