Holiday Giveaway- Skin Care That Refreshes Dry Skin

Albertini International Skin Care

Albertini International Skin Care

One of our blogging buddies Kelly from Kelly’s Thoughts On Things wants to share this GIVEAWAY with Beauty Brite’s readers. You know we love giveaways and if it’s about BEAUTY then yes it is perfect for our readers.

This year we have the pleasure of having Did You Mist Me? And Divine Skin Hydrator skin care products in our Holiday Gift Guide. I have to say I LOVE these two products.  I have never used a misting spray like Did You Mist Me? Before and WOW, what a change in my beauty routine now.  And if you are over 40 yrs old, you know how DRY our skin gets, so this Diving Skin Hydrator is must-have.  

Did You Mist Me? Dual-action hydrating and soothing spray

Did You Mist Me? Dual-action hydrating and soothing spray

Its perfect for dry skin- your face or anywhere the skin is itchy. Sometimes your skin needs hydration. This contains moisturizing Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5, and sodium PCA, all components of your skin’s natural moisture factor, and just a hint of lavender essential oil.  I always feel so refreshed when I mist my face. 

  • Mist before makeup to create a perfect smooth palette
  • Mist to freshen makeup and hydrate during the day
  • Cooling relief from hot flashes
  • Fortifies your skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  • Dries clean, leaving your skin hydrated and supple

Divine Skin Hydrator In-Shower Body Moisturizer

Divine Skin Hydrator

This shower moisturizer is my favorite skin care product right now. It is created for women over 40, and it helps restores Natural Moisture Factor.  The older we get, the drier our skin seems to get, so this helps rehydrates and soothes rough, dry skin.  The best part is it is unscented so everyone who can’t use scented products -this is perfect for you!  We want to

  GIVEAWAY: Albertini International Skin Care- Did You Mist Me? and a Divine Skin Hydrator

Enter below to have a chance to win Albertini International Skin Care products.  The sponsor is responsible for sending out the prize (not KTOT or Beauty Brite) please allow 4-6 weeks.  US ONLY! Good luck! Make sure you comment on the blog to have your entries valid.  

Home Security Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Home Security Doesn't Have To Be Expensive


Recently my neighborhood has had an influx of crime and a few break-ins. This is terrifying considering I have lived in the same neighborhood now for close to 10 years and crime has never been an issue. I mean, HELLO?!?! We have 2 police officers in our community, isn’t that enough to deter criminals?

Apparently not because last weeks crime spree was right on the end of the street where the 1 of the officers home is located. This has hit too close to home for me and so I began looking at home security systems. WOW. The prices have definitely skyrocketed over the years and I know I can’t afford over $200 a month just for security, let alone the start up fee. The good news is I did not have to fork out that much money for peace of mind. WYZE provides outstanding security while remaining budget friendly.

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