Get Beautiful Skin Without Toxins

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We are all very conscious about what ingredients go into anything that goes in our body and onto our skin these days. After studies have found that our skin absorbs many of the toxins that are in the products that we use, I myself will do research on products before using them on my skin.

Bétèrre Skin + Care is a new Beauty line that was just launched in the United States that is a complete non-toxic skin care line made from ingredients straight from nature. Just by visiting the company’s website you can click on their garden tab, and see all of the freshly grown products that go into making this skin care line such as Tea Tree, Witch Hazel, Rosemary and much more! This line consists of a group of twelve different products for your skin and hair…. [read more]

TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TRESemmé. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you heard of TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo?  I’ve seen the commercials and I am curious as to how it would work for me.  I am Asian American and have dark hair, black to be exact.  I’ve heard of using baking soda as a dry shampoo and I am really hesitant about using that method.  Using anything white in my hair would stick out like a sore thumb.  How would I get it all out without using water?  So, when TRESemme introduced their Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, I am very curious!  I would love to try this product!

Are you getting ready to travel or have a child starting college soon?  Check out this video on the Top Hair Products for School.  It is filled with great tips on preparing yourself with hair care products!

– The full line of TRESEMME Fresh Start Dry Shampoo includes:

o Strengthening Dry Shampoo: The formula, with B12 vitamins and keratin, helps strengthen hair and leaves it full of healthy body.

o Volumizing Dry Shampoo: The formula, with mineral clay and citrus, removes oil while injecting hair with salon-gorgeous volume.

o Smoothing Dry Shampoo: The formula, with Vitamin H & Silk Proteins, refreshes your straight style by removing excess oil, impurities and odor to ensure your smooth look lasts.

o Moisturizing Waterless Foam Shampoo: The formula, with Witch Hazel, Citrus, and Aloe Vera, refreshes your hair by removing excess oil, impurities and odor while moisturizing hair.

Just looking at their full line, which would you choose to use on your hair?  I would love to use the Volumizing Dry Shampoo since my hair is straight and sometimes it needs some help with LIFT!  I love my straight hair but I wish it had natural volume!

So what are the benefits to using TRESemmeFresh Start Dry Shampoo?

– A complete line of dry shampoos that revive your style’s look and feel on days you skip a shampoo

– Uniquely formulated to absorb excess oil and remove odor, the full line of dry shampoos rejuvenates hair without a drop of water.

– With a renewing burst of citrus extracts infused into every product, it leaves hair with a clean, fresh scent.

The more I read about this line of dry shampoo, the more I am curious!  I really want to try their product, hopefully I can find a coupon!  There are days when I am too tired to take a shower and just want to jump into bed.  Or I just want to use this after my workouts in the morning so I can feel fresh and clean!

Here are some great tips on how to get the best results from TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo:

– Do shake vigorously before use and in between spray bursts for best results.

– Do lift sections of dry hair and spray lightly at roots

– Do spray in short bursts, holding 8-12 inches from head

– Don’t spray it like hair spray (all over and continuously)

– Do leave in for 1-2 minutes.

– Do use fingertips or a brush to distribute product evenly

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