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Effective Weight-Loss with Safer Diet Pills

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I am constantly struggling with my post baby body. I gave birth five years go. But because of my lack of motivation, that stubborn belly weight has constantly stuck around. I find myself feeling down and not wanting to wear certain clothing. There’s definitely a desire for safe and effective weight-loss.

I tried traditional dieting and eating healthier. There are a long list of failed attempts at a gym membership and multiple instances of back-sliding. I wanted a way to shave off the pounds and stubborn belly fat without jeopardizing my health.

Gone Are the Days of Dangerous Diet Pills

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In previous years, Diet Pills were regarded as dangerous and full of harsh chemicals. At any given time, you could be up for days and then crash drastically. Diet pills have been proven to be the drug of choice in the 90s as they mimicked the effects of narcotics.

NO MORE! Healthy and SAFE, Hydroxycut offers lasting benefits.

Hydroxycut Ultra Lean beats stubborn fat by featuring an effective ingredient blend called CurcumaSlim™, the combination of two ingredients: pure turmeric/curcumin that provides 95% curcuminoids and alpha lipoic acid (ALA), a compound that helps turn glucose into energy.

Formulated with the antioxidant vitamin C and B vitamins, this supplement design helps to metabolize carbs, proteins and fats.

Recommended by a Doctor from My Own Hometown!

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Dr. Jenette T. Swisher is practicing internal medicine in North Carolina. She runs her own thriving practice in Hickory, where she provides primary care for adults, including a weight loss program.

So, I absolutely trust a diet pill that is recommended by a Doctor who is just a mere twenty minutes from my house!

After taking Hydroxycut Ultra Lean for approximately three weeks, I find that I have leaps and bounds more energy. I have seen a loss of about 5 pounds with a promise that more will fall off. Therefore, my jeans fit better and I, overall, feel better about myself.

You can find Hydroxycut Ultra Lean at Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

If you are someone who prefers to diet – check out our favorite Keto Recipes to help you in your weight-loss journey! Reach out to Beauty Brite Bloggers for awesome product recommendations!

How To Start Weight Watchers As A Vegetarian

How To Start Weight Watchers As A Vegetarian

I have been a vegetarian since the summer of 1997. That summer, I was working at a camp in the kitchen where I saw everything. I guess being around food all day affected my appetite for meat. Most of the kitchen staff became vegetarian as well. I guess it was the idea that we had to prepare the food in the morning and evening attributed my change in diet.

Are you curious about Weight Watchers? Could a vegetarian or vegan lose weight with Weight Watchers?

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Is LadyBoss The Answer For Stubborn Weight Loss?

Is LadyBoss The Answer For Stubborn Weight Loss?

Is Lady Boss The Answer For Stubborn Weight Loss??

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Lately, it seems like many of the popular Instagram accounts I follow are advocating for a new weight loss system powered by LadyBoss. When given the opportunity to try LadyBoss for myself, I jumped with excitement! The idea behind LadyBoss is to not only help women lose weight with products geared specifically for women but to also empower and motivate women to reach their weight loss goals in a healthy manner as well as by using their specially formulated weight loss system. For me, the results were a great motivator and I cannot wait to see where my weight loss journey leads me.

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Helping Your Kitty To The Loo

Helping Your Kitty To The Loo -- Kitty Box Ramp

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Ok, so no one likes to talk about bathroom issues. Except when it comes to kitty’s litter box. We’ve all got a litter box story, that hilarious one you pull out when you gripe about the cats making a mess…again.

  • – That time Fluffy tried to balance on the side of the box while pooping, lost her balance and fell onto the floor flat on her face.
  • – Or the time the new kitten finally figured out how to use the litter box, but then curled up and fell asleep in it.
  • – And how about the time the chicken you were recuperating from an injury in the mud room decided to roost on the wall of the box and laid an egg in the litter. No, never happened to you? Well, then you haven’t fully lived, my friend. LOL

If you have pets there are going to be times that they need a little extra help with their daily toileting needs whether it’s due to injury, illness, arthritis, or just plain old age infirmity. The Kitty Box Ramp is something I never knew existed, but I wish I had as I just lost a cat who could have really used this kind of assistance. [read more]

The Journey To Reclaim My Health


The Journey To Reclaim My Health - Cuffits - Your Super Foods - Ology Essentials - PRO EM-1 Probiotics - Tu'el Balancing Act Essential Oil

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2017 was a big year of transition for our family! I finished school and started work in the field of my certification. This meant leaving work in the legal field and transitioning into public education. It’s been a change that I was nervous about at first, but I’m so happy I did it. I love being a teacher and working for our local school district. It’s been a real adventure to work with such incredible kids! Nothing is more difficult, but so rewarding!… [read more]

Calling All Coffee Lovers

Calling All Coffee Lovers - Leaner Creamer™ Hazelnut flavor

Beauty Brite DisclosureI do love my coffee, and I’m always trying new flavored creamers. However, during the hot summer months, I don’t drink as much coffee as I do in the fall and winter. Since I don’t drink as much coffee in the summertime, I tend to refrain from buying the liquid flavored creamers that I love because I hate wasting them.

Leaner Creamer™ has solved this dilemma for me! Now I can have the flavored creamers that I love, and not worry about not using them before they spoil…. [read more]

Great Weight Loss Products To Check Out

Great Weight Loss Products To Check Out -- Gearbest Weight Scale & Weight Loss Toe Rings

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I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting weight loss products. The two products shown above are interesting to me for very different reasons. I have a weight scale in my bathroom already, but this Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Fat Scale with Intelligent Weight Tool App (in white), available on Gearbest intrigues me because of the smartphone app function that is available. The scale is also available in black and orange.

I am overweight for my height, I’ll admit it, have been since my second child was born. I don’t love to exercise and having children somehow changed my previously naturally slim frame and high metabolism so that I didn’t lose the weight after my son was born. Add a third child on top of that, adding more weight and combine with my love-hate relationship with exercise and eating healthy and you can see where this story ends, right? I know many women out there have a similar story…. [read more]

The Piper Protocol Is Hollywood’s Favorite Detox Plan

The Piper Protocol Is Hollywood's Favorite Detox Plan

Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: William Morrow (December 30, 2014)
Language: English

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The Piper Protocol: The Insider’s Secret to Weight Loss & Internal Fitness by author Tracy Piper, with Eve Adamson, is a step-by-step guide to getting healthy and losing (and maintaining) weight loss. This book will provide all the information you will need to change the way you live and to look and feel better from the inside out…. [read more]

Weight Loss and Perfect Portions with Bentology

Weight Loss and Perfect Portions with Bentology

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It seems like every year I fall into the same rut of making a New Year’s resolution for weight control with unattainable expectations. It’s easier said than done to promise myself I will devote countless hours to working out and participating in strict diets. This year, I knew it was time to start the year off with a far more sensible approach than I’d taken in the past. Bentology’s Portion Perfect plan opened my eyes to a healthier, more balanced approach to the grueling diets I’ve tried in the past.

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Quick And Calorie-Conscious Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast used to be the most neglected meal of the day in my household. Our mornings are usually a tad on the chaotic side; rushing to get ready and be out the door. But, there is no shortage of evidence that proves that a healthy breakfast can speed up metabolism and give you essential energy needed to power through your day.

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