One Bug Your Toddler is Going to Love

One Bug Your Toddler Is Going to Love
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I have been on the hunt for new items that may appeal to my children for a while now. Educationally and play based. Finding toys that also appeal to my youngest daughters sensory seeking tendencies is even better. She’s a take something for what it’s worth and leave the rest behind type of child. I am ecstatic to say, we have finally found a bug that appeals to her interests perfectly.

That’s right, a BUG! A HEXBUG nano junior that is, but a bug nevertheless.

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Encourage Cognitive Development Through Building Sets

“Mom, I’m Bored” can be the most over said sentence during any school break. I often find myself  stocking up on new crafts and small toy sets just to limit that sentences usage. Do not get me wrong I truly believe it is “ok” to have a “bored” kid on your hands because it encourages them to use their imagination. I also believe harnessing those creative juices can help eliminate several unnecessary battles.

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Giving Back To The Community – One Book At A Time

Giving Back To The Community - One Book At A Time

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Ever since Josiah was a little tike we have been a fan of all that the Kohl’s brand has had to offer to the communities around the world. Being a part of our lives from lovable stories to adorable stuffed toys Kohl’s Cares has helped make reading to my child even more fun. Kohl’s Cares brings the best children books to spark creativity, ignite imagination and bring families together by learning while having fun.

One hundred percent of the profit from Kohl’s Cares products goes to benefiting children’s health initiatives around the world. It makes spending five dollars on a hardback book or an adorable stuff toy a very affordable price for so many families to contribute to their communities…. [read more]