Fall In Love With These Children’s Books

 Fall In Love With These Children's Books--Batty Betty by Kathryn Hast-Otis Grows By Kathryn Hast-The Santa Thief by Alane Adams

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As a parent, I always try to look for ways to encourage my children to learn. Reading or being read to is one of the best ways I know how to make that happen. It is my goal to make sure they are engaged and getting the best out of what I can offer them while making sure they are having fun. Reading is one of the biggest nighttime habits in our house. It gives them all a chance to get comfy and relax from the day.

It makes me so proud as a parent when my kids see a new book and their little face lights up with joy as they pull a book out for us to read every night. Here are three new books we are currently enjoying.

There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” —– Walt Disney

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