How I Relax After A Hard Day

How I Relax After A Hard Day - Bright Endeavors Candles Black Currant Orchid Soy Candle, Aura Cacia Bath Products, Olay Dual Sided Body Cleanser

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Adulting is hard. There, I said it. Some days feel like you are wading through a battlefield and by the time you get home from your day’s activities it feels like you just want to collapse. But, you can’t because there are family issues to deal with, or homework and bath time with the kids, and dinner to make.

The point is that we all need down time to relax and recuperate from our day. One of the best ways to do that is to escape to a hot bath or shower. Lemme give you a glimpse of some items that I find essential to my relaxing end-of-day bath routine…. [read more]

Nourishing Skin Products For the Harsh Winter Months

Nourishing Skin Products For the Harsh Winter Months!

Beauty Brite Disclosure

Do you dread the cold winter months? I do and being in North Carolina I know they aren’t that harsh so I can imagine if I lived somewhere that stayed cold and got even colder than it does here. One of the main reasons I dread the winter months is because I know that my skin is going to become dry, cracked and itchy. I wanted to let you know about some products from Nourish that have helped me to have soft and supple skin while indulging in a relaxing spa atmosphere.

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