These Must-Have Socks are Game-Changing

One of the many reasons why I hate wearing socks when I go into the city or visit a place where I will be doing a lot of walking is because my socks always tend to fall a little bit. As I walk, the sock will slowly drop down and fall by my ankles, which can get a bit uncomfortable and frustrating. I have some good news! I may have found the product that solves that problem – INVISA SOX


The website states that the “sockless look is in, but the smell is NOT. Protect yourself from being “that girl” and start your day by putting on a pair of INVISASOX, the world’s most over-engineered no show sock (seriously). We’ve created these socks to end annoying problems like nasty odor, sweat, blisters, discomfort, shoe damage, and terrible no show sock experiences.”

Product Review

I had the opportunity to test out the no show socks. They are a lightweight, ultra-thin, yet comfortable ankle socks that remain hidden when you have your shoes on. Basically, they look like you’re not wearing any socks. These are so comfortable when you do a lot of walking around and they don’t budge… AT ALL! 

There are five color options available: Grey, Black, White, Beige, and Brown. Each package comes with three pairs and retails for $13.95, which is a great price. 

While you can wear these with any shoes, I prefer to wear them with my Keds or my black or silver Sam Edelman ballet flats. I’m being completely honest, you will not see these socks! It’s amazing! I went to a summer fest at the end of June and INVISA Sox no show socks worked amazingly. 

At the end of the day, you can wash these like you would any other pairs of socks. The material is a little thinner than your average sock, so be a little careful when you wash and dry them. My pairs are still in pristine shape, but it’s still good to keep an eye out. Also, I have super sharp toenails that I now clip regularly after finding holes in many socks where my big toe would be.

Overall Thoughts

I never thought I’d love a pair of socks as I do with these. Anything that makes my day-to-day activities easier, I’m all for. The price is good since you probably won’t wear them on a daily basis, the quality is excellent, and they actually work. I can’t say enough great things about them, and definitely, think they’re worth getting.

Gift Ideas for the Sock Lover in your LIFE!

Socks are such a simple but fun gift to give during the holidays. We have a couple of different places for you to get some fresh ideas for the sock lover.  Do you know someone who is on their sock game or need to be on their sock game?

Three Gift Ideas for the Sock Lovers picture

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