Great Weight Loss Products To Check Out

Great Weight Loss Products To Check Out -- Gearbest Weight Scale & Weight Loss Toe Rings

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I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting weight loss products. The two products shown above are interesting to me for very different reasons. I have a weight scale in my bathroom already, but this Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Fat Scale with Intelligent Weight Tool App (in white), available on Gearbest intrigues me because of the smartphone app function that is available. The scale is also available in black and orange.

I am overweight for my height, I’ll admit it, have been since my second child was born. I don’t love to exercise and having children somehow changed my previously naturally slim frame and high metabolism so that I didn’t lose the weight after my son was born. Add a third child on top of that, adding more weight and combine with my love-hate relationship with exercise and eating healthy and you can see where this story ends, right? I know many women out there have a similar story…. [read more]