Lush Rose Scented Beauty Products

Lush Rose Scented Beauty Products - C.O. Bigelow Est. 1838 Rose Perfume Oil & Salve

Beauty Brite Disclosure

Rose blossoms proliferate in the summer time, but I enjoy rose-scented products all year round. C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries is helping me do just this right now with their Rose Perfume Oil and Rose Salve. I have a rose-scented hand lotion that I love to use sometimes, and these two C.O. Bigelow items perfectly compliment it so I have been using them all together.

My daughter loves these items, too, and has tried to “accidentally” borrow and never return them a few times already. The little stinker! Well, we do share a lot of things, from beauty products to hair dryers, books to jewelry and a ton of stuff in between. I guess I can share these, too…. [read more]