It’s Murder, My Son Review

It’s Murder, My Son

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It’s Murder, My Son
By Lauren Carr

About the book:

In, It’s Murder, My Son, homicide Detective Mac Faraday finds himself at rock bottom, as his ex-wife is awarded their home and all liquid assets in the divorce decree; leaving him with nothing except their acquired debt.  He is broke and on the verge of filing bankruptcy, until he’s visited by his unknown birth mother’s lawyer.  Within minutes, his day and life are transformed as he stares at a piece of paper that has named him sole beneficiary of Robin Spencer’s estate, totaling around 270 million dollars including a home in the exclusive community of Deep Creek Lake.  With his good fortune comes clues to a murderer who is still haunting this gated community.  Can Mac help solve the murder that took place just three-months prior, or will his inheritance bring him closer to his own demise?
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