Powerful Pain Relief Without A Prescription

Powerful Pain Relief Without A Prescription-CBD For Life Pain Relief and Beauty Products

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I keep hearing about so many new products hitting the market that contain CBD extract to address a multitude of issues people face. It’s increasingly getting more press time in the media and the industry is growing. I have been interested to learn more for a while. So, here it is, my very first experience using a Cannabidio (CBD) infused pain management product, and my thoughts about it…. [read more]

Help Santa remember Treats your Furry Friends this Year

Help Santa remember Treats your Furry Friends this Year!

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Beauty Brite Disclosure

Our pets are treated as children and a huge part of our family. Currently, we have a Jack Russel named Sophie and a kitten named Trisha. I am unashamed to say that they both get wrapped presents from Santa and they both have a stocking on our fireplace. Sometimes, though, I have a hard time finding treats with natural ingredients to benefit their health. Personally, I have taken to using Hemp Oil and CBD Oil as natural alternatives to prescription medication and chemical packed salves. I wanted to incorporate this into my dog’s health as she has terrible allergies and itchy skin.

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