Create A Dedicated Writing Space

Create A Dedicated Writing Space-DIGIBUDDHA Personalized Stationary-Mobilevision Bamboo Organizer

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I love having technology available with my laptop, smartphone, and tablet because it allows me to connect, communicate, and write no matter where I am. However, that being said, I still think it’s nice to have a dedicated writing space in my home.

Whenever I sit at either one of my desks (I have one in the mud room – pictured here – and one in my bedroom) for some reason I instantly feel more productive. There is something to be said for sitting at a desk where there isn’t a television around to distract me from my task.

To create this space, I have incorporated two items that I am currently enjoying very much. DIGIBUDDHA Personalized Stationery is going to give me the opportunity to take a step back to the olden days (lol) and actually write a real handwritten letter to my sister, while the Mobilevision Bamboo Desktop Succulent Holder will organize all of the paper and writing utensils that I use regularly and keep them handy for me to use…. [read more]