Cell Phone Accessories With A Magnetic Personality

Cell Phone Accessories With A Magnetic Personality-VENA vCommute Phone Case and Magnetic Car Vent Clip

Beauty Brite DisclosureWe’ve all been there, on the road traveling around town or down the highway and needing to take a peek at our phones. While I generally try not to mess with my cell phone when driving, there are times that I have a destination programmed into the GPS and need to glance at it to make sure I’m not getting off track.

I’ve bought a few different car mounts to use but they just never seem to be just what I need. I don’t want one that permanently affixes to my dash, I want one I can easily take from vehicle to vehicle or get rid of when a newer, better one comes along. But, the ones I’ve tried either don’t seem to grip the phone securely or fall rather than staying in place. [read more]