Simple Cleaning For Home And Beauty + Tutorial

One of the perks of being single, is being the head of household. While I miss having someone to share my life with, I love being the sole decision maker. I have switched our home cleaning and beauty products over to natural and eco-friendly! I am so excited to share more simple cleaning for home and beauty solutions with you! 

Simple Cleaning For Home And Beauty
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Let’s start with the Kirk’s Soap brand, back when I was making my own laundry soap, I used Kirk’s Castile Soap Bar. I love that Kirk’s is easy to find at the grocery store too! 

I have 3 sinks in my home. With that, I’ve been using a basic soap dispenser and just refilling them! However, I am trying to switch my hand soap to natural! I’ve been hesitant since I use so much soap throughout the day! For now, I am excited to switch my hand soap over to Kirk’s Hand Soap!  

Kirks Odor Neutralizing Hydrating Hand Soap

Clean Your Hands

I received Kirk’s Odor Neutralizing Hydrating Hand Soap in Lemon & Eucalyptus, Fragrance Free, and Rosemary & Sage. I like to keep it simple in my son’s bathroom, so I have him using the Fragrance Free soap. My son knows to wash his hands after using the bathroom, so I like to make sure his bathroom is stocked with hand soap! 

I have the Lemon & Eucalyptus in the kitchen, you can’t beat the fresh and clean scent of both lemon and eucalyptus! Our kitchen sits in the middle of our home, so the scent lightly lingers in the dining area and living room. I already use essential oils to add scent into our home. The Rosemary & Sage is in my bathroom, I love the gentle scent that freshens my bathroom and lightly lingers into my room. 

I like to keep our sinks stocked with soap readily available. My son understands when I ask him to wash his hands. He’s so good about that! 

Kirks 3-in-1 Head To Toe Nourishing Cleanser

Keep Your Family Clean

When I saw the Kirk’s 3-in-1 Head To Toe Nourishing Cleanser, I knew I wanted to try them! I give my son a bath every evening. I prefer to use natural shampoo bar, or natural shampoo, and natural soap for his sensitive skin. In other words, I like simple and eco-friendly products to use with him. 

I prefer using a “hair and body wash” for him, but those types of products are geared towards babies. As you can imagine, when I saw the Kirk’s 3-in-1 Head To Toe Nourishing Cleanser, I knew I found something that would work for our household! 

I wanted both the Kirk’s 3-in-1 Head To Toe Nourishing Cleanser in Original Fresh and Juniper & Lime. I’m keeping it simple and using the Original Fresh for his bath time. He loves it, I love it. It’s gentle on his skin. I feel good about using a natural and safe product. 

Clean Makeup Brushes

I love my makeup brushes. I take the time to clean them weekly! I am so excited to share an easy and natural way to clean your brushes! If you’re on a budget, we share other natural ways to clean your makeup tools

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial Step 1

1. Gather your brushes and Kirk’s 3-in-1 Head To Toe Nourishing Cleanser. For this tutorial, I am using the Original Fresh scent.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial Step 2

2. Wet your brushes. Squeeze out excess water. 

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial Step 3

3. In a small dish or hand, dispense a bit of the Kirk’s 3-in-1 Head To Toe Nourishing Cleanser.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial Step 4

4. Gather your brushes and swirl them in the cleanser. Work up a nice lather. You may need to do this twice, depending on how dirty your brushes are. 

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial Step 5

5. Rinse your brushes. Be sure to rinse until the cleanser is gone! Squeeze out excess water. 

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial Step 6

6. Lay your brushes out flat to dry for several hours to overnight. 

Nanacoco – Affordable Brushes Worth Getting?

Nanacoco Professional Brushes

Affordable brushes that are high quality can be tricky to find. When it comes to beauty products, I can’t resist trying out new brushes. Having a high quality, and affordable brush can really make or break your finished look. I’m always looking for quality brushes that will apply my makeup beautifully and natural looking. I was excited when I was given the opportunity to try out Nanacoco Professional Brushes.

A Little About the Brand

I’ll admit, I don’t know much about this brand, but I love discovering new or new to me brands. They are one of the few makeup brands that have a beauty news blog attached to their website, which I absolutely love. It shows they’re keeping up with what’s going on in the beauty world while creating quality products.

The company continues to evolve and update its cruelty-free products to match the growing and changing beauty trends. They work to create iconic color cosmetics and high-quality, affordable brushes. They want to be a brand that inspires everyone to be the best version of him or herself, starting with a lipstick.

AirFair Brushes Review

I was sent the AirFair Angled Powder Brush and the AirFair Concealer Brush. The look of the brushes is sleek and sophisticated. They feel absolutely amazing. So soft and smooth. You can say they look and feel like luxury brushes, but they’re affordable.

The angled powder brush ($17.99) applies loose and solid powder perfectly. I like that it’s an angled brush because it makes applying the product evenly around the nose area easy for a precise finished look. Personally, I want my brushes to do the work, without making things difficult.

The concealer brush ($10.99) packs on product nicely. For concealer, I like to apply the product to my under eye area with the brush and smooth it out even more with my ring finger.

More about the angled powder brush:

  • 100% Synthetic fiber brush
  • Hand-cut shaped hair
  • Dense and soft hair
  • Cruelty-free
  • Newly innovated technology bristle allows better pigment pickup

Overall Thoughts

If you’re looking for new, affordable brushes to try, then I definitely recommend these. They’re super affordable, high-quality, and helps apply makeup perfectly. I already have a list of other brushes that I want to order and test out. In the past, I would recommend Real Techniques brushes, but I may have a new favorite affordable brush brand!

Who are your favorite brands for makeup brushes? Let us know in the comments below!

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