Delicious Keto Coffee Recipes

Delicious Keto Coffee Recipes - Bullet Proof Coffee - Hala Tree Coffee - Java House Cold Brew Coffee

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First of all, Keto is the latest lifestyle trend because many are having such successful results! Being on the Ketogenic Diet for nearly two months now, I can definitely agree that it has made me feel much better and caused my energy to increase.

In contrast, it took some time for me to get used to such a new way of eating. For example, embracing butter and oils. For my entire life, I can only remember hearing about the benefits of a low fat diet. Adding coconut oil to my coffee and cooking with butter? The horror!… [read more]

Do You Remember Your First Cup Of Coffee?

Folgers Coffee next to Keurig

Many people often share stories of their first sip of beer or any alcoholic beverage. I can share that story, but I thought about sharing the first time I had (and got hooked on!) coffee. Coffee is something that my family always had in the house. My house we had regular and a tiny container of decaf, and at my grandparents it was just usually decaf.

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