Freshly Prepared Ready To Eat Meals Works For Us!

Too Busy To Cook?

Freshly Prepared Ready To Eat Meals Works For Us!

The story of my life, not sure if I’m too busy or don’t like to cook.  Either way, having freshly prepared ready to eat meals for the family is a blessing.  Now, yes it does cost more than if I went to the store, but I also take in the time to go to the store, figure out what to buy, cook and clean. Well worth the price for me!

I bet you want to know where I get my Freshly Prepared Ready-To-Eat Meals?  America’s first national, culinary medicine-inspired, home delivery meal company, Healthy Meals Supreme. They provide the easiest way to eat right, save a lot of time, and provide healthy meals for my family. So in my mind, it all works out in the end.  My family has yummy food to eat, and all they need to do is cut open the side of a package and put in the microwave.  Easy peasy! 

More about Healthy Meals Supreme meals:

  • Delicious meal plans for everyone
  • Designed by a global master chef and a culinary medicine specialist/diabetes educator/pharmacist
  • Scientific research-based
  • Home delivered
  • Great for busy families
  • Each meal and meal plan has a nutritional chart
  • Each meal plan can be customized

They do the shopping, measuring, nutritional calculating, preparing and cooking. You do NOTHING! Just heat, eat and enjoy.  Also if you are looking into making your dishes looked like you did all the work, then you can watch a plating video. Plus each meal is about $10.40 per meal on average to enjoy a full week of healthy eating meals!

Examples of the Ready To Eat Meals

  • Old-fashioned-beef-stew
  • Steel-cut-oatmeal-with-cinnamon-apple-slices
  • Blueberry-lemon-muffin
  • Mac-cheese
  • Slow-roasted-chicken-chili
  • Whole-wheat-cinnamon-french-toast
  • All-American-cheddar-cheese-omelet
  • Aegean-oven-roasted-cod
  • Mexican-pork-carnitas
  • Whole-wheat-english-muffin-breakfast
  • Whole-wheat-bagel-breakfast-sandwich
  • Jamaican-jerk-chicken

Meal Plans-click and see the meals offered.

Busy families tend to eat out a lot and usually not healthy so why not use that money buy freshly prepared ready to eat meals from Healthy Meals Supreme. The ready to eat meals are tasty and convenient. One day my daughter wanted oatmeal and BAM I heated her up a meal with apples and oats.  She loved it and was full by the time we got to school. 

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