Which Affordable Styling Tool Is Worth Getting?

Affordable Styling Tools Main Image

Beauty Brite Disclosure

Are you on the hunt for a new flat iron? Sometimes people will automatically think to go out and purchase the more expensive brand of styling tools. Either salons recommend them, or people think because of the higher price tag, it must be the better option. This isn’t always the case. I had the opportunity to receive and test out two different styling tools from affordable brands you know and probably have used.

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How To Straighten Your Hair with a Brush

Head Kandy Straightening Brush

Beauty Brite DisclosureI’ve been straightening my hair for YEARS!! I mean, years ago when I literally had to bend over an ironing board and iron my hair straight, way before the hair straightening flat irons were invented.  The STRUGGLE WAS REAL back in those days! I wish I had photos of me doing that to show these youngins what we had to go through. Now we have hair straightening BRUSH irons.

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