Five Tips For A Successful Blog

It’s something that many are doing now that they see the value in being online, but starting a blog isn’t as complicated as some make it out to be. It’s actually very straightforward to start your own blog, and if you are smart enough, you can make your blog a successful money maker. Are you looking to start a blog? We share Five Tips For A Successful Blog! Blogging is an ever-changing industry! Keep learning, be open to change, and go with the flow.

Five Tips For A Successful Blog

Let’s take a look at five simple tips for running a successful blog without mistakes. 

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Stay Active With The Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch

Find motivation to keep moving with the Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch from Best Buy!

Stay Active With The Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch at Best Buy

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The last year has been pretty difficult for me as I am working on being a single mom. Each day seems to be a challenge. I’ve been pretty overwhelmed and stressed out with many other things going on in our lives.

This month, my son and I start a new chapter in our lives. I recently closed on my first home as a single mom and we just moved in! We are starting fresh! It was very difficult to pack and organize all on my own. I was lucky enough to have help from my boyfriend with moving everything!

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Let QAN Keep You On Point With Your Personal Goals

Let QAN Keep You On Point With Your Personal Goals -- Classic QAN Bracelet - Original QAN NecklaceBeauty Brite Disclosure

Every year we make a promise to ourselves that this year is going to be different. We set up goals and dreams on where we want to go or what we want to do. Maybe you tell yourself that today is the day things will change or this week is going to be the week. Weeks turn into months and months turn into years because life has a funny way of making us lose sight of what the end game was that we had envisioned for ourselves. Let QAN help you remember the goals, dreams, and hopes you have set for yourself.

QAN is a company that makes bracelets and necklaces with the goal of being a constant visual reminder of the goals and dreams you have set for yourself.

Each Pendant featured on QAN‘s Bracelets and newly released necklaces have four “Arms” and 12 points. Each arm is a representation of cardinal direction so that you can be reminded to always look in the direction of your goals/dreams. The 12 points represent the 12 months of the year so that you will also be reminded to work towards your goal/dream every single day, week, and month of the year…. [read more]