Is CBD Skin Care Right For You?

CBD in skin care is booming! With so many incredible claims & benefits that CBD can offer to your beauty routine, it’s no wonder people are singing it’s praise!

Beauty Brite Disclosure
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Cruelty-Free: American Made Beauty For Hair & Skin

Cruelty-Free: American Made Beauty For Hair & Skin -- Bubble Pop Beauty---Flawless Rebel Pick Me Up Cream-Remedy Hair Serum-Unblemished Love Acne Cream

Beauty Brite Disclosure

I’ve been trying out different brands of skin care and hair care for a while now, looking for that perfect product to provide the nutrients my skin needs and to help with the dry, damaged condition that my hair seems to have fallen into lately.

Recently I found the new Spring line of products from BubblePopBeauty and decided this would be the next brand to try. Included in their current line of cruelty-free beauty products are Flawless Rebel Pick Me Up Cream, Remedy Hair Serum, and Unblemished Love Acne Cream…. [read more]