Getting Clean Has Never Smelled So Good

Getting Clean Has Never Smelled So Good - Soft Soap Earth Blends Liquid and Bar Soap

Beauty Brite Disclosure

I’m getting so tired and fed up with this cold weather and all I want is to be whisked away to somewhere nice and hot.  I’m dreaming of leaving these wet and snowy days in the past. I’m the kind of gal that loves it hot and enjoys everything summer. So I’ve finally found a way to get that little bit of summer in the middle of winter.

One of my favorite things to do is draw a nice, hot, steamy bath and soak until all my cares have vanished and with the help of SoftSoap Earths Blend, I can do just that! Getting clean has never smelled so good. The new Earth Blends smell AMAZING! There are three different scents to the Earths Blend line: Pink Grapefruit & CucumberPomegranate & Plum, Coconut & FigMy favorite is the Pink Grapefruit & Cucumber. It’s the perfect mix of scents and leaves you feeling super clean…. [read more]