How to Make a Wreath for Any Occasion

Halloween Wreath



I have a super crafty friend that loves any do-it-yourself project. One day this friend hosted a wreath making party. I am not the craftiest person so I was hesitant, but went nonetheless. By the end of the party, I had caught the wreath-making bug! Since then I have made five new wreaths for various holidays and as gifts. It was easy, cheap (I get all my materials from the Dollar Tree), and fun!… [read more]

Let’s Get Crafty

Let’s Get Crafty with the We Craft Box

Let's Get Crafty with the We Craft Box

Beauty Brite Disclosure

Several nights a week my husband works overtime on night shift which leads this mama bear to get all of the kids fed, bathed, and entertained until bedtime. Mom guilt sets in and while it is so EASY to grab the tablet or turn on a movie, I usually like filling this time with books that I can easily tie a craft in with or with other independent activities that get my kid’s brains running but their bodies in one place. Feed thir brains and moms sanity all in one. An occupied child means I can get the house picked up so when everyone is fast asleep in bed, I can sit back and RELAX. I know, that sounds horrible but I enjoy a few hours of solitude after the kids have gone to bed to catch up on my TV shows or even read a book. We Craft Box has made my last minute evening task, rainy day activity, and even a moment of silence possible.

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Affordable Fashion At Your Fingertips

Affordable Fashion At Your Fingertips - Duct Tape Bags by Richela Fabian Morgan

Beauty Brite Disclosure

I’m like most women, I love purses. Love ’em, can’t afford to feed that passion, though. I have one (yes, only one) Coach purse. Coach purses are beautiful, but outside my price range. The one I have, I was lucky enough to win in a giveaway a few years ago. Handbags are something I do a lot of window-shopping for but am rarely able to justify purchasing for myself.

And then came Duct Tape Bags by Richela Fabian Morgan into my life. I’d heard of duct tape wallets before and thought they were kinda neat. But, I’d never considered expanding the concept. Flipping through the pages of this DIY tutorial book, however, inspired me to try this out for myself…. [read more]