Stay Cool With This Iced Coffee Recipe

Stay Cool With This Iced Coffee Recipe - Community CoffeeBeauty Brite Disclosure

I do love my coffee. But, during the hot days of summer, drinking a hot beverage is just not appealing to me, at all. When the weather is warm outside I tend to gravitate toward cold drinks. Community Coffee® offers smooth, delicious coffee options of both hot and cold varieties that are available in convenient single-serve K-Cups or in bags of ground coffee.

Since 1919, Community Coffee has been dedicated to selecting, roasting and perfecting great-tasting blends for coffee lovers everywhere. We follow our beans along their journey from farm to cup so you can enjoy a truly exceptional coffee each and every day. —– Community Coffee® website

I have tried several flavor varieties of Community Coffee® and have never been disappointed in any of them. Right now, in high summer, I am particularly enjoying getting my coffee fix with their Mocha Vanilla Iced Coffee K-Cups…. [read more]