Relax and Clear Your Mind With Adult Coloring Books


Relax and Clear Your Mind With Adult Coloring Books - MindWare Wild Wonders Color by Number Books and Prismacolor Colored Pencils

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Are you looking for ways to take your mind off of a bad day or to de-stress from a long work week? A great way to relax is by coloring in an adult coloring book. Before you start snickering or rolling your eyes, it’s true! Not only is coloring fun, think back to your days as a kid, it’s a perfect way to relieve stress. Mindware® offers a truly unique adult coloring book that I am currently enjoying along with a wide array of colored pencils.

I started using adult coloring books two years ago when I found out my dad had lung cancer. I needed something to help take my mind off of things, and working on a jigsaw puzzle wasn’t working. I went to Barnes & Noble to walk around and I saw a stand of adult coloring books. I browsed through them and found a few that I really liked. Within a week or two I was obsessed, and it was a great distraction…. [read more]