New Author To Fall In Love With

New Author To Fall In Love With-The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski

Print Length: 320 pages
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends (August 1, 2017)
Publication Date: August 1, 2017
Sold by: Macmillan
Language: English

Beauty Brite Disclosure


Gripping cover art with a mysterious and catchy phrase? ✓

Main character with a clearly defined purpose and an untra-cool name? ✓

Potential for further exploration of the characters beyond the confines of this story? ✓✓✓


The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski (Feiwel & Friends-MacMillan) is everything I like about reading work by an unfamiliar author. The story drew me in almost immediately with the impression left by the first few chapters. The characters and their story developed at a great pace, just enough to keep me thinking I had them figured out until – Bam! – a new nugget of information wove its way into the narrative for me to chew over. (And I do like chewing, as evidenced by the snack stash on hand, as you can see!)

I love a book that not only occupies my mind while reading it, but also when I’m away tending to “real life.” I know a book is good when I find myself pondering over it while doing dishes, folding laundry, or other mundane daily tasks – chomping at the bit all the while to finish up already and get back to the story…. [read more]