Babies, Baths, and Books: Enrichment for Your Little Ones

Babies, Baths, and Books_ Enrichment for Your Little Ones

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I’m the mom of four young kids but I also have a background in early childhood education, so I know how important enrichment is for growing minds. I’m always looking for fun ways to engage and have fun with my little ones.  What is a better way to have fun and learn then with books and bathtime or water fun?

Finding the best enrichment for Your Little Ones

My children LOVE the water, no matter if its bath time or water play they are all about it. So I’ve come across a few items I’d love to share.

Silicone Squirting Toy

Let’s start with my kids favorite one, and I am going to have to invest in others from Marcus and Marcus because they all love this Squirting Silicone Bath Toy.  What is my favorite thing about this toy? It is the fact that it can actually be taken apart and left to air dry keeping it from growing any gross things inside of it. We have gotten rid of so many bath or pool toys for just this reason, with Marcus and Marcus squirting silicone bath toy my little ones don’t have to worry about getting sick from any gross germs and it also comes in fun other shapes from lion to elephant. It’s so much fun.

Bright Basics ABC Tubbies

Our next product is the Bright Basics ABC Tubbies from Educational Insights. With these floating foam shapes, leaning your animals and letters have never been so much FUN! There are 26 engaging designs that keep your little ones brain growing and using their imagination.  It also helps hand and eye coordination fitting the shapes and letters together.

Sand And Water Fine Motor

Another fun fine motor set of toys is from Learning Resources. The Sand & Water Fine Motor Set improves dexterity when sifting, spinning, and squirting to make hours of fun. A great pack along set for the beach or everyday play.

Musical Duck Race

Our final water toy is the Yookidoo Musical Duck Race. This fun little toy pulls water from your tub to make a fun fountain and race track for your four little ducks. I always call my Little ones my little ducks in a row so this toy is perfect for them! Each little duck toy has its own fun spray. All my kids love this toy even my 5 month old loves to look at it.

You can’t have books, babies, and baths without the BOOKS! So i’ve found some super fun first learning books for your little ones. Reading is so important in our family and it starts at a young age. My oldest is six and is learning to read at school and loves reading to her smaller siblings. She was excited that she can read these books. Sesame Street: 5 Little Rubber Duckies and 10,9,8…Owls Up Late are some amazing first reads.

 Sesame Street 5 Little Rubber Duckies and 10 9 8 Owls Up Late

My son loved counting all the duckies and we even taught him to sing the song, now any time he sees the book he yells ” Ernie loves his duckies mommy!” Grab your copy and learn with Ernie and all his Sesame friends. You will love Sesame Stree: 5 Little Rubber Duckies too.

In 10,9,8… Owls Up Late you countdown to bedtime. My oldest loves reading it to her brothers and sisters to help with getting everyone calmed down. Its a great family book about some little owls who need to go to sleep.  These are some great book choices for you little ones of all ages.

10 9 8 Owls up late

Bringing play and learning together, builds stronger children for tomorrow.

How do you help your kids build a brighter future?


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