Purify The Air Within Your Home

Purify The Air Within Your Home - Febreze Air Purifier Tower

Beauty Brite Disclosure

Freshness is a luxury for me as the only female in my household. Other than me, our family consists of my husband, our little boy, and two cats.

With asthma and allergies, my need for breathable and clean air is essential. It’s the difference between a really good day for me, or a struggling to breath and feeling exhausted kinda day…. [read more]

Add A Calming Glow To Your Living Space

When I read about the benefits of salt crystal lamps, I knew I had to try them in my home.  When you do a search for “salt lamps” or “Himalayan salt lamps,” one of the few websites that come up is HimalayanSaltShop.com.  I received my lamp within a few weeks and couldn’t wait to set it up and turn it on!  It is so beautiful and has a soft glow.  I received the 6-8 lb crystal salt lamp and I was surprised at how heavy it was!  The lamp is a nice solid and sturdy lamp.  I have my lamp on the bedside nightstand.

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