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Sunset light veil
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Running around and dealing with what life throws at us every day can be overwhelming at times. One thing that should not be difficult is keeping our makeup in place. Some days we need the makeup to work a little harder than others since summer weather is coming up quickly!

That is where the Sunset Light Veil comes in to play to help me keep my makeup in place and my foundation or BB/CC cream doesn’t shift. The Sunset Veil is an all-in-one primer, serum, and mixing base that is wonderful to use on the skin.

I love having products that has multiple uses in my makeup kit for a few reasons. The first is that I do not have to buy a bunch of other items to get the same effect that I would need.

Tempt Sunset Light

Buying a primer, serum and mixing base separately would cost would cost well over $100 and with the Sunset Light Veil you will get all three products in one for only $59! That is huge savings in the long run that can be used for other things in life.

I have been using the Sunset Light Veil now for a few weeks and I am loving the effects of how my skin looks and the overall outcome.

I have been mixing my Temptu colors for my color and the look of my skin is improving so much that it is hard to believe that it is my own skin at times.

I start off by cleansing and exfoliating my face with my bath glove to remove the dirt and dead skin buildup that occurs on an daily basis.

Once I clean my face, I dry it off and apply some face cream to hydrate my skin.

Temptu Sunset Light mix

I mix a small a small pump of Temptu and Sunset Light Veil in my hand and apply to my face. I really do not want to have more cosmetic color on one side of my face than the other. So blending the two products together is key for me.

Clean face before Sunset Light

Then I apply the color in a T pattern and fill in the areas. I move the color all the way to my hairline and blend it in so that it looks even.

The product is very lightweight and it is working great already since the heat is already kicking here in the desert.

Wearing Sunset Light Temptu

Do you find yourself using a separate primer, serum and base mix for your face? 


Instead, check out the Sunset Light Veil!  You can find the product on Amazon.

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