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Shady Rays Sunglasses with Protective Pouch
Shady Rays Sunglasses with Protective Pouch
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I love sunglasses. I can’t go anywhere without them. The worst thing about sunglasses is the cost for a good pair that works. I also tend to lose them frequently which is frustrating especially when you consider the cost. Recently I had the chance to try out Shady Rays.

Shady Rays Sunglasses

Shady Rays is a sunglass company that seeks to make durable sunglasses that won’t break the bank. They offer many different styles and colors. All their lenses come polarized for ultimate protection from the sun. Shady Rays can be purchased with or without prescriptions lenses. Shady Rays also backs all their sunglasses with a Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty and free replacement if you lose or break your shades. This is amazing.

No one I have ever purchased sunglasses through offers something like this. So if you purchase a pair of Shady Rays, and leave them at the beach, or you to an amusement park with the family and your glasses fly off on a ride, Shady Rays will replace them for just the cost of shipping and handling.

Shady Rays Feeding America

Shady Rays Each Pair Equals 10 meals
Shady Rays Each Pair Equals 10 meals

One of the other things that I really love about this company is that they have partnered with Feeding America. So, for every pair of sunglasses purchased from Shady Rays, the company donates ten meals to Feeding America, a non-profit that fights hunger in America. To date, the company has donated over 7 million meals to the organization.

Shady Rays Prices

Prices for Shady Rays run anywhere from $39 for non-prescription to $120 for prescription lenses. If you compare those prices to what you would traditionally pay for prescription glasses, even with vision coverage, the price is totally worth it. Especially since in most cases even with vision coverage, you can pay up to $200 out of pocket for good quality glasses. 

My ShadyRays Experience

Shady Rays On the Go
Shady Rays On the Go

I tried a pair of non-prescription lenses and fell in love with them. They offered all the protection I needed and had cute frames, so I still felt stylish. The glasses were lightweight, yet durable so I was not afraid of damaging or breaking them. Overall, I would say that this is my favorite eyewear company. The price is right, the glasses are great quality, and you can help fight hunger with the purchase of a pair. That makes Shady Rays a winner for me!


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