Summer Truffle Flavors Are Scrumptious

What Is A Truffle

Is a truffle a MUSHROOM or CHOCOLATE?  Good question and the answer is both!  Now yes the truffle is well known in the culinary world has a mushroom, but we are not going to be talking about that kind of truffle today. Ever wondered where do truffles get their name from? Well, the word “truffle” comes from a Latin word meaning “Lump.” Truffles are lumps of goodness that is for sure! Truffles are made from a dough- not just chocolate which I didn’t know.

I’ve only eaten chocolate truffles in the past but Fanca Rebecci truffles opened my eyes to all kinds of flavors, amazing summer treats.

Summer Truffle Flavors Are Scrumptious

Franca Rebecci Truffles

I want to tell you all about Franca Rebecci Truffles. They are Brazilian-style truffle company which also produces cannoli and cones. Franca Rebecci Truffles specialize in customization and can create unique colors, flavors, dietary and allergy-free recipes. Their gift boxes can be ordered in a variety of sizes and a mix of flavors.

Right now they have the impressive summer flavors which include, Lemon Burst Truffle, Orange CreamCaipirinha TruffleLemon Raspberry, and Lemon. I’m pretty sure my favorite one is the Lemon Raspberry.  Check out what is inside: Lemon flavored dough rolled filled with raspberry preserves and rolled in sugar crystals. Ingredients: milk, sugar, milk powder, sea salt, butter, lemon extract, raspberry preserves, and sugar crystals.

All their products are made on equipment that also processes tree nuts, milk, gluten, egg, coconuts however if you have allergies they can cater to your needs…just give them a call.

Summer Truffle Flavors Are Scrumptious

Gift Giving Occasions

This is WEDDING SEASON, and I’m thinking a box of Franca Rebecci Truffles for the wedding party would make a great gift to show just how much you appreciate them.  They can make custom made truffle boxes for gifts, weddings, birthday, and holidays.

Don’t you think a box of chocolates is a brilliant way to express your feelings for special people in your life?  I love receiving and giving chocolates to my loved ones.

I bet you want to know where you can get some Franca Rebecci Truffles for your next gift giving or better yet a box for you! Go here to read more and shop. 

Summer Truffle Flavors Are Scrumptious

Summer Truffle Flavors Are Scrumptious



  1. gloria patterson says

    This is the kinda thing that if you buy/receive that you only allow yourself to have one a day. They all look so good, the cones oh yes. Strawberries and Champagne —- this sounds so good

  2. Linda Manns Linneman says

    I have never heard of this company before. I love truffles and cannoli’s. These are so good. I will give these a try. Thank you so much for sharing

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