Succulents Delivered To Your Door

Succulents Delivered To Your Door

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It’s no secret that I adore houseplants, I even created a separate Instagram account just for my obsession! When I first became obsessed with houseplants, I started out with spider plants, pothos, arrowhead plants and african violets. At the time, I had no idea houseplants helped clean the indoor air, I just enjoyed the plants in my living space. Over the years, my husband and I moved a lot. We found ourselves moving every few years, so I ended up getting rid of all of my plants and starting over each time we moved!

Looking for a great gift idea? Consider succulents delivered to your door!

This last move, I was determined to bring what I had left of my collection of plants! I was not about to start over yet again. I had some plants that were hard to find or very expensive. My plants were small enough that I was able to pack them into two reusable shopping bags and sneak them on the train with us.

I’ve always been great at tropical houseplants. I gave it a go with succulents and never really got the hang of them. I think I over loved them and watered them too often. About a year ago, I decided to try my hand at succulents and even bought a handful of plants! Then, we ended up moving a few months later.

When Succulents Box contacted me about sending me some succulents and other goodies, I couldn’t say no! I feel like it was the perfect time for me. I am just getting settled in back at home in California. I have a nice collection of plants and succulents are plants I’ve been wanting to try again at.

Succulents Box 4 plants

Do you know someone who loves plants? Succulents delivered to your door would make a nice surprise!

Succulents Box sent me 4 incredibly healthy and picture-perfect plants that include: Echeveria Chroma, Echeveria Lola, Sempervivum Cobweb, and Echeveria Tippy! Since I prefer to keep my plants indoors, I put them on the windowsill (South Facing) for the best light. I keep the majority of my houseplants in our room and open the shades every morning.

500ml watering bottle

I tend to water my houseplants once a week, however with the succulents, I plan on watering them every other week as they need less water than my tropical plants.

succulent potting kit

Succulents Box also sent me a 500ml watering bottle and succulent potting kit! As a newbie to succulents, the watering bottle really comes in handy with regards to watering. I love the little nozzle as it allows me to water the soil directly and avoid getting water on the leaves.

The succulent potting kit consists of a set of 5 tools to assist you when you repot your plants. Again, being a newbie, the tools will help me when handling my delicate plants.

Who knew a watering bottle would be a necessity for succulent newbies like me?

Succulents Delivered To Your Door - social media

Get started with succulents delivered to your door! They offer a wide range of plants and tools!

You can find Succulents Box on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.


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