Stylish Baskets for Any Home or Decor

Lorena Canals Makes Stylish Baskets for Any Home or Decor

Lorena Canals Basket Zoco Vintage Blue
Photo Credit: Lorena Canals

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I am the worst about shoving all of my clutter into one area. Especially when it comes to dirty clothes or my children’s toys. Any corner will work, and an empty diaper box will do. It literally drives my husband CRAZY! Lorena Canals, however, has an endless amount of home goods available, and the Zoco Vintage Blue Natural basket is the perfect addition to my home.

Lorena Canals Makes Perfect Baskets for Any Home or Decor!

Lorena Canals, Zoco Vintage Blue Natural Basket

Having 4 little ones, we tend to stay downstairs most of the day or in the playroom. This cuts down on messes throughout the entire house and keeps my children out of things they shouldn’t mess in (You can only child proof so much!). So, the Zoco Vintage Blue Natural basket makes my life that much easier when it comes time to clean up toys or even keep their dirty laundry in one place without making the room, primarily the living room, look a disaster! Not to mention my son has multiple therapists that visit our home so the help of Zoco Vintage Blue Natural basket, makes it semi look like I can keep a house clean with all of my children in tow. Haha.

Zoco Vintage Blue Natural basket is made from 100% cotton and combines with natural undyed cotton color with a vintage-blue color dyed using natural tints.

The fact that Lorena Canals made this basket using 100% cotton means it is very easy to move, which my toddlers LOVE and I also do not have to worry about the basket being easily broken or destroyed like bamboo baskets I have used in the past. It can also be used on cold gentle cycle and tumble dried on low which makes cleaning it a breeze as well!

Lorena Canals Basket Zoco Vintage Blue - Natural

Zoco Vintage Natural Baskets come in:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Ash Rose.

As you can see from the images, this basket is large enough to put a variety of items in and because of its classic look, it can be paired up with a number of other pieces you already own or can find on Lorena Canals website.

The plus side is that Lorena Canals has so many different options that are both stylish and like the basket, I mentioned above, versatile. You can find the perfect basket to match any room in your home. Lorena Canals website has so many home good items though. From curtains to rugs, wall decor, and so much more! It is worth checking out!

Have you purchased anything from Lorena Canals?

What are your favorite baskets to help hide the clutter of everyday living?


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